• Evolution is real

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  • Yes, Because Evolution Is a Scientific Theory that Has Been Supported with Evidence

    Evolution has been supported with a host of evidence. While some may argue that it is still just a theory (just like, for example, creationism), there is plenty of evidence for evolution, and not for creationism or other (religious) theories. If you don't teach evolution, it would likely be for religious reasons, and that would be in violation of the separation of state and church. And as D.Ross has brought up, if evolution goes, what goes next? We cannot let religions replace science in the education of the next generation, especially not in a state where state and church are officially separated. Therefore I must support the teaching of the theory of evolution in public schools.

  • Evolution is no more a theory than gravity is

    We know conclusively that species evolve, and that the human species has done this too. We know beyond reasonable doubt that human species evolved from primates, we can be confident that complex life evolved from simple life, and can be reasonably confident that simple life can emerge from chemical soup, since we have reproduced most of the processes by which this can occur.

    The accuracy of these facts does not depend on the religion of the country in which this information is taught, nor whether parents themselves believe it.

    The right to hide facts from children is not a right at all, but a privilege claimed by the ignorant, and enforced using political coercion and worse.

    The outrage, ignorance and entitlement underpinning these objections is identical to that expressed by the most ignorant of faiths in the least educated parts of the world -- the Taliban in Afghanistan, for example.

    Moreover, with a religiosity equivalent to that of a developing nation, the US is the only developed country where this debate still takes place.

  • Yes, but religion should be taught as well.

    I know this is coming from an atheists but the theory of evolution should be taught at school. Don't call me anti-religious person because I think evolution should be taught at school, but schools should also teach about religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism) so kids get a broad spectrum of knowledge about beliefs.

  • Evolution should be taught in schools,

    But no less than religious beliefs should be taught in schools. However, neither should be stated as fact; each should be stated as a theory and a theory only. At the same time, schools should open children's minds to many different forms of religion, not just, say, Christianity or Catholicism. I say all this because I believe that government (which takes charge of schools) should not "pick sides"; it should be open-minded and welcoming to all religious and racial ideologies.

  • All forms of important beliefs, (evolution is a fact) should be taught in school.

    This is off topic but kind of supports my reasoning. I hate when people say they don't want to see Christmas decorations in school because it is unjust to other religions. Why can't everyone express express their religion instead of banning all religions. People should be able to see what others think and feel.

  • Yes and it already is.

    Yes of course it should be.
    It is arguably the greatest discovery in biology and gives us an answer as to how we got to where we are.
    This is similar to asking "should we teach the germ theory" or asking "should we teach the life of a star"
    These are the best answers we have, but if we don't imagine what would happen?
    Children growing up not learning of the germ theory and instead resorting to oldwives tales maybe? Homeopathy?

    Yes Evolution should be taught in schools.

  • I have proof

    The man who made the idea of evolution stated on his death bed that this is a total LIE. Dont believe me? I have video proof that he said this. Look it up on YouTube. I am a christian and I'm not afraid to show it. This is what I believe.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Evolution itself I do not have a problem with. There is plenty of evidence showing that organisms change over time. However, the main thing taught in schools concerning evolution is that humans came from apes, which there is no hard evidence for. They teach this like it is a fact.

  • Evolution is a religion.

    If you analyze creationism and evolution, they both have the same evidence but different conclusions. They take what is seen and try to speak of what is unknown and unseen. Most of what is taught about evolution is UNTESTABLE, therefore in violation of the Scientific Method. Keep religion out of science. Keep evolution out of science. Make science scientific again.

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