Should evolution be taught in schools as fact?

Asked by: Hirakula
  • It is Fact

    Supporting evidence for evolution is so overwhelming that to call it evidence is an understatement. It has been observed repeatedly, and nothing in biology makes sense without it. Religious views don't get to influence fact.
    Also, it's worth noting that fact and theory are not mutually exclusive terms. Evolution is both - however, in science, a theory means that it is supported by a good deal of evidence.

  • Evolution is proven fact into two parts

    Evolution can be divided into two parts, macro and micro. Micro evolution is a fact, where as macro evolution remains a theory due to debates on the exact steps of the evolutionary process. EVOLUTION DID HAPPEN we simply can’t trace the exact evolutionary steps of the of the 3 trillion plus species on earth. Considering there is no way that we can even prove if we have located all the species on earth, this may always remain a theory. We can prove though, beyond a doubt, that humans have evolved.

  • As Fact as Fact Can Get

    When talking about facts, things are always doomed to bickering. Do we know anything for certain? That is always up in the air. We don't know plenty of things. But we can say with pretty darn good certainty a few things. Like, the earth isn't 6,000 years old. Dinosaurs and people weren't around at the same time. Now, is it possible God can instantly create the Earth? Sure. But, why oppose evolution? I think if God can do that, he can cause whatever galaxy/life origination theory you want to believe. There's no conflict there. So, why not let scientists determine the probable science, then teach that?

  • Yes it should

    There is a lot of Evidence that proves that evolution is a fact.
    Just because it is called a theory doesn't mean there is no proof, if there where none, than it would be a hypothesis, but in science, if something is called a theory that means there is evidence to support it, but scientists are smart enough not to claim to know everything, thus they call it a theory, because they could always discover something new, that changes a few details of a theory and how we understand it. But that doesn't mean that the whole idea is still up for debate.
    There is also a theory of gravity, but nobody says that gravity doesn't exist.
    Also understanding evolution is crucial to understanding biology and not teaching kids about it would put them at a disadvantage and ridicule the very idea behind going to school.
    Finally there is no alternative scientific explanation for the diversity of life and the similarities between different species.
    And religious myths and ideas should not have any impact on what is taught or not taught in public schools.

  • Yes of course

    It should to do otherwise is unfair on pupils , it absolutely baffles me when I hear religious types who do not want this taught in schools ,this is exactly what children should be learning in school certainly where I come from (Ireland) it's taught as fact and I think most European schools are the same .I find it a backwards step not to teach kids evolution and it's putting them at an extreme dis advantage not to do so.

  • To do otherwise is irresponsible

    A child is put at an absolutely unnecessary disadvantage, being taught there is ambiguity where there is none. Suppose the child eventually wants a career in the sciences or medicine. There will be a lifetime's worth of unnecessary bother to clear up and come to terms with first. Certainly you could teach in schools that among scientists the theory has underpinned all advances in biology for something like 100 years, and that among scientists no one has yet put forth a serious compelling, explanitory and predictive theory to the contrary -- but that among non-scientists and the religious, it is doubted and resisted -- that would properly illustrate 'both' sides.

  • Evolution is Scientifically Sound

    The theory of evolution is supported by all reputable scientific organizations throughout the world. There are no scientific arguments against evolution. The only reason this debate exists is due to religious persons who do not believe any statement that does not support their views on religion should be taught in schools. I believe that public school in the United States is an inherently secular institution, and religious viewpoints should not get in the way of providing a quality education to American youth.

  • Why is this even a argument?

    Just think about what you religious fanatics are saying, your going to throw all of biology out the window because of christanity? You are saying theories are not facts, yet you believe in gravity, a scientific THEORY, you cry about how it is part of the tea party led "war on Christians" while you try to force your beliefs on Hindus, Atheists, Muslims, and the list goes on, separation of church and state people, the very basis of your argument is unconstitutional, which renders it invalid.

  • Must be a US site!

    Cant believe the No comments. Wow. Must be a US site to have those numbers. You do realize how backwards it is to think that Magic created us? Good grief? This will never stop until evolution is taught in schools. It is a fact, get used to it. A scientific theory is FACT! The proof in undeniable. Even the pope stated that evolution happened. There is barely anyone left in the world that does not think evolution happened outside the United States.

  • A Theory Is Well Supported

    The fact of the matter is that micro evolution is a theory. Theory in science meaning an explanation to a law with enough evidence that it is accepted as true. A law is what is happened, we came into to being, a theory is why/how with copious amounts of proof, evolution.
    A hypothesis is what you are referring to, a statement to be tested to see whether or not it is true, I wonder if this apple will come down after I throw it. An experiment is to test a theory and hypothesis, I will now throw the apple. A hypotheory is when you skip the testing stage and data collection stage and just except it as true, the apple will float midair until I touch it. Creationism is an ancient hypotheory, but because it is ancient, people accept as fact.
    Macro evolution is a theory as well because we have DNA sampling shows large chunks of DNA that we share with mice. The human genome is similar with (in closest relation to furthest) mammals, other animals, fungi, plants, bacteria and archaea. We don't have bones of each link (the species that show gradual change) because fossils are very rare and link bones are even rarer because they were often a short bridge.

  • What exactly is religion?

    Definition of religion: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. Considering evolutionist's hold a system of beliefs that we evolved, and this is their principle, I would call it a religion. Therefore if the schools are going to ban all religion, then evolution should not be taught at all. However if the schools were to allow all religions in, evolution should be taught as an idea and the students should have the freedom to choose what they will believe in.

  • Wheres the proof?

    Not if they cant show proof, that would be very hard to find proof when it happened so long ago u just cant know for sure, the most you can do is geuss. You can call it a therory, or a high probablity geuss if you can back it up

  • There is no proof

    There is no more proof for the theory of evolution than there is for the theory of creation. If it is taught in schools like it is fact then its just like teaching that the world is flat because it is what is popular to believe today.

    It would be like saying it is okay to teach all the the theory of evolution, part of that theory is also that whites are an advanced race who are higher than blacks.

  • Evolution shouldn't be taught in schools!!!!!!!!

    NO ! Cause this is the idea of scientists we cant teach them something that is not true at all also some students have their own religions like Christian, Buddhist or Muslim this theory of evolution will confuse their thoughts! What about their parents? They are also against it! You should keep it in yourself if you believe in such kind of theory !

  • It should be taught as an idea. Not a fact.

    When children are belonging to a religion and come to school and are taught that evolution is right and fact, then their religious ideas are changed and that's unfair. I do believe that it should be taught as an idea. It's not about what we want them to believe. It's what they want to believe. I also believe that children should be taught at a certain grade level or age so that they can make a decision that they can comprehend.

  • Because it's not.

    You shouldn't be able to teach something that cannot be proven. Even though the theory of evolution is well supported, it is still not a fact. In my opinion, evolution shouldn't be taught at all. It's actually discriminatory to teach about evolution because it's not a fact and no one else gets to teach there theories although better supported then the theory of evolution.

  • Nature is far too Complex to have evolved by mindless random processes.

    The human body is far too complex to have evolved. Every part of the body works in harmony. Evolution can never explain how each part came into existence or explain the ability of how I am able to understand or even write this statement. The evolutionary hypothesis is a nice story but lacks any credible evidence, the only evidence shown is full of maybes, could of be, or this is how scientists believe it might of happen - just a load of presumptions.

  • Where is the proof

    I see a lot of posts saying yes because religious people are crazy and evolution is true. I have yet to find anything that supports macro evolution. How can we teach our children to strive to test ideas and be open to findings and then say oh, don't question this, the majority believe it even though we haven't proven it yet. Imagine if people did that through our history. The earth would still be revolving around the sun. I don't know if macro evolution is fact or not, but I tend to think for myself. If we can prove through testing and research with repeatable outcomes then I am always ready to change my thinking. The problem I have is hearing macro evolution is fact because a lot of people think it is. I don't care who they are, a lot of people thought the earth was flat as well, and they were the top minds of their times.

  • New evidence refuting the theory should also be taught.

    Children should be taught critical thinking before they're subjected to any scientific theories claiming to be fact. Scientific inquiry must include thinking outside the box or it will lose it's credibility. Any student who researches for new evidence refuting this theory deserves a learning environment that's open to differing ideas and opinions. Unfortunately this is not the case in most American High school science classes where any debate on the validity of the evolution theory is dispelled as ignorance. I'm not religious or claim any theist convictions but I want to know the truth and nothing but the truth and that's what our schools should be advocating.

  • Evolution should not be taught as a fact

    The reason that evolution should not be taught as a fact is that if kids believe in a religion and they go to school and learn about how evolution is a fact, it's going against what they believe. Evolution and Creationism should both be taught in schools and kids can choose which one they want to take

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