• Science does not stop when people get offended.

    Evolution may be considered racist or conflicting with the beliefs of some. Still it is perhaps the most supported theory of how life of today came to be. It is not conflicting with the beliefs of the church, it only conflicts with the beliefs of those who are easily offended. I propose that it should be taught as the most probable theory of how humanity and other life came to be what it is today

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Evolutionary theory is an important part of science that should be taught.

    Evolutionary theory is an important part of science which should be taught to every science student because in order to understand biology one needs to understand the basics of evolution to see where we came from.This is not a way to negate the bible but a way to add science to the equation.

  • Evolutionary theory should be taught

    It has wide-spread scholarly and scientific support and has been studied extensively. It makes no sense to ignore the theory of evolution when it can be supported by DNA testing, carbon dating, the scientific method and the fossil record. While creationism may be discussed as an alternative theory, it is not objectively supported in the same ways as the theory of evolution.

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