• Yes they should.

    Convicted felons are a large part of society. If they were aloud to vote there would a bigger voice for the people. Personally, I do not see how being convicted would affect someone's ability to voice their opinion. I say yes. I think it is unconstitutional not to let felons vote.

  • Depending upon the crime, yes and no.

    This issue, I believe, is not one which arose out of the lack of education convicted felons have or have not received, or whether their intellect parallels those of the people within our society. Rather, it arises from the fact that convicted felons have disobeyed and thrown to the wind the lawful parameters we have established as a society. They have broken the agreement between our government and the people, and chosen to also break the laws which people both past and present originally agreed upon in the first place. That being said, should the right to vote be indefinitely removed from all convicted criminals? My answer would be absolutely not, however, depending upon the degree of the felony committed I do most certainly believe that certain individuals should no longer be granted not only this right, but a variety of others as well.

  • Debt to society

    Prisoners who are released have paid their debt to society and just because they have committed a crime doesn't make them any less educated about politics than those who vote - a majority of whom are, in fact, uneducated and stick to party lines. If anything, ex-felons might have a pretty good idea of how to reform the prison system.

  • There's no reason not to.

    I think with felons, they should have a time limit of when they can not vote. I think a life time goes a little bit too far. Especially with petty drug and gun crimes against people. I see it as a way of disenfranchising a good amount of people. A large portion of the african american community is left out because of this.

  • Ex-felons should be allowed to vote.

    Ex-felons should be allowed to vote. Taking the right to vote away from people is not going to punish them any further. Most people could careless about voting in the first place and ever since the new laws that are in place for voting. I would not be surprised to see a decline at the polls.

  • Ex-felons should be allowed to vote.

    People should not be barred from voting just because they have been convicted of a felony. The policy of blocking former convicts from voting is a racist attempt to keep African-Americans from voting. The Attorney General has spoken out against this policy, and it is likely that the courts will throw it out.

  • American Needs To Fix This

    I believe ex-felons should be allowed to vote. I was completely unaware of this issue up until the last presidential election, it never even crossed my mind that this would happen in America. Given the number of people that have been convicted of felons I believe it is a huge disservice to the entire population to cut out such a large number of potential voters, especially ones that have been impacted directly by the justice system.

  • These people are dishonest

    Convicted felons have a track record of being dishonest, and dishonest people are not the kind you want in the voting booth. It seems a bit fishy to me that liberals are the ones pushing this. Also, whether you like it or not, you don't have a clean slate in America when you get out of prison. It will haunt you the rest of your life when you want a job or any credibility. Maybe after a certain number of years they could let felons vote, but they would have to prove they are clean first.

  • We do not want their input.

    No, ex-felons should not be allowed to vote, because felons have shown defect of character. They do not think the same way that the rest of us do. People who have shown anti-societal tendencies are not the people that we want deciding laws that affect all of us. There are enough other people to vote.

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