• Of course yes

    -because every year 8-10 students suicide because of less marks even after they study full day .Many student forget what they wrote in exams and when asked say lets see what happens. If examinations are optional then weak students will get an opportunity to prove themselves in other fields such as dance music art etc.

  • Definitely should be optional

    A lot of the arguments state that they need to demonstrate knowledge. A more effective way is to assign harder final tasks that can be completed on their own time. Students will put in just as much effort, when they want, and retain the information for much longer. For exams, most students cram. Get it in the head quickly, then out right after.

  • Not made optional

    They only depend on other that what he/she has written.
    They can't understand anything .
    They do not get knowledge of some other thing .
    They think that , that was the answer and tick that one.
    Can't be a knowledgeable person .
    And many so opinions for it .

  • Examinations should not be optional for students.

    Examinations are an important way for teachers to evaluate students. Of course, if examinations were optional, no one would chose to take them, and this would defeat the purpose of having school in the first place. Although school is not always fun, it is necessary for students to receive an education and be graded on their performance.

  • No, they need to learn.

    No, examinations should not be optional for students, because students need to demonstrate that they know the material. It dilutes the value of a student's degree in order to give a degree to another person who was only sitting in class, rather than actually learning. Examinations give students an incentive to study and learn the material, rather than just be passive.

  • Examinations are the cornerstone of modern learning

    Homework doesn't always tell a teacher what the student is really learning. Exams tell teachers and administrators where they are and are not educating well, and what specific students might need some extra help on. Without exams, there might as well not be school. With talk of 4 day school weeks, banning homework, and exams being optional, what's the point of a school system?

  • examinations should not be optional for students.

    Examinations should not be optional for students. This is because of the fact that all students need to be tested and examed to determine whether or not they are worthy of passing to the next grade. Students must be tested somehow, and exams are the best ways to do this.

  • No Exams Shouldn't Be Optional

    I do not believe examinations should be optional for students. Teachers use exams to measure a students achievement level and even though it's not a 100% accurate tool, it is the best tool they have available. Students should not be allowed to opt out of these exams, because it would be impossible to know if they actually learned anything at all.

  • I don't think they should.

    I know people hate doing exams and they may be worth too much of the overall grade of the class and maybe that should be lowered, but I think they are a crucial part of gauging whether or not a student has learned, retained and mastered all of the information that they have learned in the school year.

  • Life is full of tests

    I feel that children should have to take examinations. Although children may have anxiety over the issue, being able to recall information is important. We live in a society of rules and laws, therefore being able to read n write is important. These skills need to be periodically tested through exams.

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