Should exams be a thing for high school students and not junior high school students?

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  • That Doesn't Make Sense

    I do not understand why we would divide things up so much between school settings. There does not seem to be a plausible reason why middle school students wouldn't receive exams, yet high school students should. Secondly, if you never take an exam until you get to high school, I think you would lack the experience to perform well on the exam.

  • Exams Appropriate For All Ages

    In schools, exams are appropriate for students of all ages. It's important to explain to students the importance of these exams, though. Students that actually understand their purpose will perform strongly starting from a young age. There's no reason that middle schoolers shouldn't be taking exams for various course subjects.

  • Exams are important for students to have, even at junior high level.

    Each grade that a student is in can help prepare him or her for the next grade to come. Introducing exams in junior high will help students prepare for high school. Exams are very prevalent in college; in fact, a student's grade is often largely determined by exam scores. While students may not appreciate having exams and starting them at a young age, such as in junior high, exams also will show the teacher what information was learned and retained by students.

  • Exams in Junior High Prep Kids for High School

    Student in junior high school should have semester exams just like high school because junior high is preparing kids for life in high school. Finals shouldn't be as hard as those in high school, but children should get used to remembering information over the course of a four-month class because that's how high school works and eventually college as well.

  • I think that exams should be a thing for high school students and junior high school students.

    I think that exams should be a thing for high school
    students and junior high school students.
    In fact, I think that kids should start taking exams as soon as
    possible. School is supposed to prepare
    children for life in the real world, and life is full of tests every day.

  • No, junior high students need to learn.

    No, exams should not be reserved for high school students, because junior high students need to learn how to take tests. If students start learning how to take tests in junior high, by the time they get to high school, they will be all ready and practiced taking tests. Junior high is not too young to feel a little bit of pressure in school.

  • Nope not really

    It depends on the exam. If it's just an after year test for junior high students to see what they've learned and where they stand then I don't see the problem. I do think however that it would prepare junior high students for high school and so on. It doesn't hurt anyone but if it's a test that determines whether or not you can progress then no I don't think it should be for junior high students

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