• Dumb, stupid and not helpful

    Why? What is the point? I do not get it exams do not show anyones true knowledge of that subject, students should not be forced to memorise something just for the sake of that exam, because they quickly forget about what they learn't anyways. In the real world we are not tested 24/7 and we are never actually tested on anything, we are there just to do the work, not how to memorise 50 million different things.

  • Exams measure memory, NOT intellect.

    Children are told 'you are not clever' if you do not remember the correct equations, if you do not remember what molecules make up compounds or why the presidencies of American presidents changed the Vietnam War. We are not measured on intellect; we are measured on memory.

    Why should a student who turns up every lesson, excited to learn, with an IQ higher than most, get a lower grade than a student who studies a week before the exam and passes with a high grade? It is not fair to determine a 16 year old for life on a one hour exam.

    You could say that 'if you didn't understand it in the exam, you will never pass' but can you remember how many atoms make up a sodium atom, or how to find out x using the cosine rule? I doubt it.

    Your grade should be determined on your effort, your cleverness and your enthusiasm to learn.

    My friend is an A* student in Maths, however if I were to ask her right now to find the missing side of a triangle using the sine rule she could not do it. However, give her time to revise it and hand her an exam, she could do it within a minute. This clearly demonstrates that exams are unfair and all they do is segregate the students into good memory and bad memory, not who is smarter.

  • Yes exams should be ban

    Teachers and the school system claim that is is fair testing of each student and will show how much someone has learnt.
    But no
    This is totally incorrect
    Although students may be taking the same test, they will not be prepared in the exact same way as each student.
    One student may have trouble at home, affecting their performance in the exam. Students get over stressed and anxious that can really affect their social state and their mental state. Over all leading to bad performance
    Every student is different and it can not be controlled and modified

    In Finland and other places they have taken on this and stuff and they are going great

    AND I'm not just arguing that exams should be ban, because students still need to be assessed,
    Instead I propose, long term assessments, so like we are assess on all our class work wich will get student into good habits of working hard but not being stressed about one massive final exam
    In this way they are assessed on how well they work and not based on one exam, just one. It is a more accurate way and a less stressful way


  • Takes the pressure away

    I think exams should be banned because it spreads the pressure on a child across the whole year rather than across one 1 hour or 2 hour period. This will also make the results more accurate because the pressure wont affect the mark that the pupil receives when they finish the year.

  • This isn't right!

    Because exams are not a proper and accurate way of measuring intelligence as the stress, pressure and nerves can easily get to one. It ruins ones social life, and enables easy lowering of confidence, plus, our childhoods are being taken away from us while we can still get away with it.

  • Yes, ban exams

    A huge exam worth 20 to 30 percent of your mark at the end of the year is not the most effective way of learning the material you were taught. Cramming a week before the final exam works, which most people I find doing these days, but it doesn't help you remember information over a long period of time. Also, students go through a lot of stress during this work period when all the teachers jam in all of the exams during midterms or at the end of the year.

  • It creates more stress for students.

    Kids in High school might be done with taking state tests, but if they are in academic support they are told they have to take a different form of the test. This is not fair because, they have regents to study for and they are being pulled out of class to take this test which will cause them to fall behind. In my opinion, this should be taken away at least for the high school students. Students are told that this is to help the teachers see how they could teach better but the students are still being punished for it. Instead of taking an elective in class they are being put in support classes for getting a bad grade on these tests. All these tests are doing is creating stress for our students.

  • Exams must be banned because it is an unfair judgement on a single persons ability!

    Are you different from the person next to you? Are you different from your mum, dad, teacher and other students? Yes. That is because you are an individual and your mind is different from those around you. An exam is the same test for all students in the year level, but are all students the same? Are their abilities higher and lower in the same area? No! An exam is the same and if one person who is good at maths and bad at english does a maths exam and the same person does an english exam then has both compared with another students then they will feel devistated about the english result because they are comparing it to another persons strong point. Exams must be banned because it is an unfair judgement on a single persons ability!

  • Exams are a waste of time !

    Exams should be banned all round if i'm honest.
    All they accomplish is stressing students out, wouldn't you be stressed if the past 9 years of school goes down the drain from one bad exam?
    I'm a student my self and i find it hard to understand why we have exams why not look at the course work we have done for the past 5 years is that not enough. Instead we have a exam which is 100% memory. Now i don't know about you but a exam should be on what you are capable of not memory. It baffles me how people say exams are good !!

  • Exams Should Not be banned

    No they shouldn't. I am sure a student would probably disagree with me, but overall exams should not be banned. There are some tests that need some work to make them more fair. However, banning all exams would only do damage to the students. Exams let a student and their teacher know what their strengths and weaknesses are.
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  • No Exams shouldn't be banned

    Exams should not be banned as it provides a competitive spirit for the student. This era is a competitive era so students should be properly trained from schools to face these big and huge competitions. As it also help the teacher, to understand more on the knowledge acquired by the student.

  • Y u had to be mad?

    No we shouldnt because the student and the students parents would not be able to know what level their student is at their education. And another reasons fo those dropout people that think we should ban, how would we be able to get a job. The job managers will need to know how good they are in their education.

  • No they should not

    We use tests for everything. Driving tests and medical tests. Exams are a test to see if students are keeping up in school! If we don't have these tests students could fall behind and nobody would know. And what if a teacher is teaching poorly this will show in the exam rusilts and this teacher will be challenged for his bad teaching.

  • No they should not be banned from schools and this is why!!!

    Because how else are teachers are supposed to know that you are learning and actually are paying attention to what your teacher is teaching. I have too many kids in my accelerated classes getting F's on their exams or even small test! So as you can see this is why they should not be banned even though they are hard and stuff like that.

  • Exams definitely should not be banned.

    • The affirmative side said that exams are only a snapshot in time, and that if people remember an answer after a test, then that could stop them from getting the results they desired. Clearly, this is incorrect because if they cannot remember an answer during the exam, then they did not study it enough for it to be permanently existent in their minds, and maybe they do not deserve the results they desired.
    • The affirmative team also said that exams bring extreme levels of stress, which can lead to things as extreme as suicide – but again this is wrong because there are many different outlets in which stress can be erased, whether it is relaxation, seeking help from a teacher or trusted adult, or even channelling the stress into motivation. Without that stress there to push you forward, how many students do you believe will actually study or put effort into their schoolwork? It is almost fair to say that stress is necessary throughout the course of your school years, so why should we ban exams because of that?
    • The affirmative team also argued that exams do not accurately measure the strengths or weaknesses of students. Does that mean we have to ban them? Of course not – there are many other options other than exams that can lead towards final results. For example, and art student’s major mark will not come from an exam, but from their folio, or their final piece of artwork. Why would we ban exams when they do accurately reflect students’ capabilities? Only students that are capable have the exams lead to their final results, and it isn't like we haven’t been taught what we need to know. If students do not pay enough attention during class time to learn the required knowledge, then perhaps they do not deserve to get a high exam result.

  • Examinations cannot be banned!!

    It helps the teacher understand whether the child has understood concepts taught in school,the child know where he or she stands in class and it helps parents know whether they are simply wasting their money or not.The teacher gets to know if she has to improve her teaching methods or not.Also,in a class there are so many people for the teacher to control,that if there are tests,the teacher can concentrate individually on each and every child.

  • Iam a High School Student and i Say it Shouldn't!

    Students will lose interest in studying because they'll have nothing to work hard for. There will be no competition among students. Students will not be able to identify heir flaws and work towards it. Therefore their academic standards will deteriorate!
    Exams shouldn't be banned from any school system! I strongly support this

  • No they shouldn't.

    I am sure a student would probably disagree with me, but overall exams should not be banned. There are some tests that need some work to make them more fair. However, banning all exams would only do damage to the students. Exams let a student and their teacher know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Exams should not be banned

    Exams determine the ability of students. 'A school without exam is like a bird without wings. People judging students with marks but not the exams. Experts say that exams do not measure the knowledge of a student but it is the society who judge like that.

  • It teaches students how to be accountable for their own learning

    School should teach students how to be independent learners, Which is extremely important for the real world. Your boss won't spoon-feed you anything, You have to research information for yourself so you can make profit for the company. Similarly, The real world demands strong time management and executive functioning skills, And taking exams teaches students how to manage their time, Improve critical thinking, Organize information, And figuring out their best methods of learning.

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