• It is overrated

    Children be stressing over these paper tests i think that the computerized test is more better.Kids should be able to do better on the test instead of stressing about the test.

    If you say no to this, You are not thinking about the children needs anymore. Yes,test are great but it is overrated

  • In some cases students are just not good test / exam takers

    Yes, for some students other assessments may be in order to accurately determine the capacity of a student. Some students are very smart and knowledgeable, but do not test well. For these persons there should be another way to assess their abilities. It is unfair to perform above average, but receive average grades because one is not a good test taker.

  • Exams should be replaced by other assessments.

    Exams are in inaccurate way to evaluate students. Other assignments should be used to judge the work and potential of students. A lot of students with a lot of potential are just bad test takers and will never be able to perform well on standardized examinations. These people should not be punished.

  • They should stay!

    Although other activities can do the work of an exam, They can sometimes be a group activity, Where one person does all the hard work and the others get good marks for nothing. Or they can be related to a harder topic and there is not much information about it. This can give the person a bad mark, Even if they've found all the information, But there still isn't much for a good grade.

  • Exams Are Useful

    I do not believe exams should be replaced by other assessments, because we really don't have any good ideas on other ways to assess academic achievement. Exams are our best bet, rather they are 100% accurate or not. I believe exams can dramatically change as technology evolves, especially with computers. I believe we would better to improve the exams, instead of dropping them all together.

  • No not replaced

    I think exams are good for education and should not be replaced. I am not opposed to adding other methods in addition to the exam but the exam needs to stay. One can argue there are people who just aren't good test takers but then whatever you replaced exams with there would be people bad at that too.

  • Exams Are Best

    While exams don't always give schools the full picture on students, they're the most general and comprehensive options for testing students. Therefore, exams should remain in place as the most common indicator of a student's performance in classes. Exams give the easiest opportunity to figure out what a student knows and doesn't know.

  • No, they are one tool of many.

    No, exams should not be replaced by other assessments, because students will often get away with learning as little as possible. A student who is only evaluated by writing papers does not have the chance to truly show his or her knowledge if he or she never gets to take a written test. Exams are one good way to demonstrate knowledge.

  • Exams should not be replaced by another assessment.

    Exams are the perfect assessment for testing someone knowledge about material that they should know by the time they take the exam. There is no other assessment which can prove someones knowledge as effectively as taking an exam. Exams allow the person taking it to be in a calm state and focus quietly about their knowledge on the subject without any distractions. There is nothing worse than getting distracted during an assessment.

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