• It's mostly tax.

    Most people would be shocked if they knew how much of their gas bill was taxes. Excise taxes should be reduced, because that would make gas so much less expensive. The government can increase other taxes to make up for it. It is unfair for poor families who cannot afford to live in the city with a metro system.

  • Yes, gas is so important.

    Yes, excise taxes on gas should be reduced. I think that we use gas so much that we deserve a break. Gas is so expensive that its hard for some people to even keep up with gas bills. I literally think that we are being robbed because we have no choice because we have become so dependent on gas.

  • Reduce all Taxes

    Taxes on everything should be reduced. Excise taxes on gas are no exception to this general principal. Automobile gasoline usage is, in fact, a very small percentage contributor to greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, so even assuming that global warming will have catastrophic consequences, requiring an excise tax on gasoline does nothing to address the substance of that supposed problem.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe excise taxes on gas should be reduced. Gas prices will continue to climb. Remember, oil is an infinite resource, we only have so much. This means that the price will gradually climb until it skyrockets. Americans shouldn't expect lower gas prices. We are already paying far less than we should be.

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