Should executive stick to executing law only?

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  • Presidential (US) government meant to have separation of powers

    In the US and other presidential republics, the executive is separated from the legislative branch. The president is usually directly elected. With the War Powers Act, the president (US) is allowed to send troops to "war" (called conflicts or police actions) without Congress for 60 days (though what congressman would say no when the soldiers are already there - they would be accused of not supporting the troops). The executive should do just that and only that - execute (the laws). This means the president should not give his political opinions on things as that may seem biased and seeming to shirk the laws he disagrees with. Make him more like a city manager in powers (supervise departments, oversight of hiring/firing, preparation and execution of budget upon Congressional approval, public relations, administrate). This means when he is running for office, he should say how he can save the country money, increase efficiency, and other things that are apolitical.

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