• It already is.

    Actually existing is punishable by death. Why do we die? Clearly it's because we are alive. If we don't live then we don't die so if we do live we do die. You can't live without dying so therefore because we are living we are punished by dying. Basic commonsense.

  • Yolo uhof bless

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  • Not for a while

    People die after a while, but that's not a punishment for existing. Just a natural result. The world would be better without it. If we were all immortal, some of us could live on Mars once the planet is overpopulated. It would be really great, always something new in the solar system.

  • You have a right to live

    You don't have to die because you exist in the world. Everybody is different so you don't have to die for it you can be yourself it doesn't matter if you are ugly or not the same as everybody else. You should deserve to be yourself. Love yourself the way you are

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