• All Exonerees should be Compensated!

    Exonerees should be compensated for the time they lost. How painful it must be to be convicted of something you never did. Your life is taken away, the lives of your family is destroyed...Someone should pay. I don't know of any exonerated person who was later found to have truly committed the crime. Whether they were forced into a confession, tortured, held onto their innocence till the end, whatever the case! They need to be compensated! It should not even be a question asked whether they should or not. And just because they are exonerated means nothing...They still have to fight to have their names cleared and records expunged; which to me is absurd. If you are exonerating me, then the records should be expunged and sealed!

  • Forcing exoneress to sue costs more money

    I believe that exonerates should be automatically compensated. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it would also save money for the government that would be paying. Going through a legal battle costs money for the state and is a hassle that an exonerree shouldn't have to go through

  • No, unless it was intentional.

    No, exonerees should not automatically be compensated, because someone is not necessarily innocent, just because they won there appeal. People are found not guilty all the time because of legal procedures. Finding someone not guilty does not mean that they didn't do it, so it is not necessarily fair to give them money for their inconvenience.

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