• ONLY if you know how to handle them and get a license

    If a person knows how to handle them, if they have the necessary equipment to handle them, and they get a license for this then it's fine. Otherwise you should not have an exotic pet.

    Not everyone is the same. Some people have intelligence, knowledge, skills that others lack. That's what licenses are for.

  • Wolves should be pets

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  • You own dogs and cats don't you?

    Ok. I get why they should be illegal but, they could be loyal pets. Personally, I own a timber wolf and her name is Binx. She is gray and tan in colour and she is 6 months old. She loves our small home in Redlands,CA. And I think other people should be introduced to the joy of owning exotic pets. They can be so sweet. And sooner or later you will warm up to the idea of owning an exotic animal.

    Peace loves <3

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  • They are suffering

    The poor exotics are suffering because they need space to roam but many homes don't provide enough space, if the owner wants the animal to be released in the wild, they can't because it has gotten so used to being taken care of that it doesn't know how to hunt on its own.

  • No they should not!

    Ok, i'm very passionate about this subject. People shouldn't own exotic animals even for pets even if u r liscensed or have known them for a while. They are WILD ANIMALS after all and can hurt or kill u when ever they want. There is no argue to this. If u want to have more points please reply to this i have a whole speech about this soooo....

  • Vice - Versa

    I really honestly don't think that you would like it if you were kept as a pet. I mean we keep other animals as pets but these animals have been pets for generations, but exotic animals are meant to be exotic. Soon there will be nothing left. Is this fair. No

  • No, No and hell F*cking No

    What are you stupid/ What the hell kind of stupid f*cking question is that? Only a selfish moronic mother f*cker would ever do something like to an animal, if you want to cage something, go find an idiot and teach it not to reproduce. How is that for fun, Moron.

  • Too many people are Idiots.

    As MUCH as I would love to have a tiger as a pet, provided it didn't kill me, it would be a bad idea for exotic animals to be kept as pets. There would be cock-fighting but with lions or something of the sort, people would abuse them, the hunting laws would be abolished at that point and people just wouldn't be able to take care of one. I know their are people who CAN take care of them, but the idiots out-weight the intelligent ones.

  • Do not keep exotics

    I don't think exotics should be kept as pets. Remember the tiger fiasco? Almost 11% of the tiger population was wiped off the face of the earth! And it's all because that guy kept exotics! They also killed lions, a bear, and so on. That, is what's going to happen if you keep an exotic animal. I mean, if your a zookeeper or something then I guess it would be ok to take one home, like, if it was injured real bad. But what I mean is, NO wild animal should be kept in captivity. Especially a home!

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