• Health benefits of human beings and other animals.

    A majority of medicines that we use have been tested by animals to make sure that it is safe for us. Also, it furthers the anatomical knowledge of animals, which greatly helps the veterinarians. In a sense, you have to hurt a few animals to help a ton. This greatly benefits not just our society, but our trusty companions we have at home. It also helps veterinarians aide animals that have been clipped by a car and such, so it helps nature as a whole.

  • Animals should be used in experementations

    In my opinion, animals, of course not all animals, I do not consider animals that are in the Red book or who's population is decreasing. I am talking about animals that are raised especially for experiments, if we do not experiment some new medicine or treatments on animals before using on people, then how can we be sure that you would not die from it? Put yourself on place of a person that is sick and needs a medicine that can cure you but it was not used on animals, you do not know what reaction it can cause. Also, if people do not experiment on animals then there is not going to be a progress in medicine or whatever, people would just die without cures.

  • Experiments on animals should be legal

    This is entirely because there are no better alternatives to experiment new medicine/drugs etc compare to animals. There will not be any new drugs use on humans without any sufficient evidence of the drug is safe. How to obtain sufficient evidence? By animal trials. Without animal trials, million of humans would've died in a process of creating new drugs or medicine. Therefore is is necessary.

  • I am on the fence about this....

    I am on the fence about this. I do understand the importance of animal testing for the better of mankind. The, Human testing shouldn't be out of the question either. Rapist and murders I believe are expendable. They are the bane of society. The acts that they have done are inexcusable. I would have no remorse for company's to use it on them, like how they had no remorse on their victims.

    Tho, there are benefits on animal testing to tho. Medical wise that is. If its cosmetics those companies can go F*** themselves. Testing on rats can help with finding cures for cancer.

  • We need animal testing to survive

    Humans need animal testing to survive. That cancer cure that everybody is praying for? Well, you can bet that scientists have killed plenty of mice working on that. I don't understand why people are always so against animal testing (which keeps humans alive), but are completely fine with mouse traps, exterminators and eating meat. It is not like scientists are torturing the animals, they are legally obliged to inflict the least amount of pain possible. If you weigh out a few hundred rats compared to millions of humans that have died from diseases that require animals to test on, you should agree that animal testing is completely necessary and should continue to be legal.

  • Anyone voting "no" has no clue how medicine works.

    Animal trials are absolutely necessary for the development of drugs and medical techniques- if you don't want to kill millions of people trying out drugs that have had no clinical safety and efficacy measures that is.
    I can see wanting to eliminate animal testing for things like cosmetics. But unless you want to start using humans as basic test subjects and watch tons of them get sick and die if there are adverse side effects, animal testing is necessary for scientific advancement. There are also stringent ethical guidelines in place regarding animal testing.

  • For the betterment of humanity

    We kill animals to save humans. That's legit. Humans have moral obligations for any other being who is a moral agent. Animals are not among these, so humans have moral obligations towards humans. It makes no sense to treat animals with human moral standards and not expect them to have moral responsibility. We don't impose our cultures on them, why do we impose our morality? If an animal suffers at the hands of a human, nothing morally wrong is happening, if a human suffers at the hands of another human, then something morally wrong is in play. To prevent human blood form getting on our hands, we must use animals to save humans.

  • Test on humans instead.

    Be it through willing test subjects, or criminals who won't be missed should something horrible occur, we should test on who that drugs, cosmetics etc. Will be marketed to.

    Animals are sentient, feel pain, fear, betrayal, and do have minds, contrary to what people may think. They also can't speak for themselves and they never asked to be put in that position. They may not have the same potential as a human, but why does that make it right?

  • Animals feel pain

    Even though experiments on animals is vital in medical research,when confronted with the stories and pictures of what is happening in those labs,as humans we should feel disgusted and ashamed of the barbaric things our race does to the beautiful creatures of the earth. Animals like humans feel pain,animals like humans feel the need to be loved. Just because they can't voice their opinions about how they feel doesn't make it okay. My heart aches at the thought of all the pain and suffering these helpless creatures are put through.

  • It's wrong for scientists to experiment on animals

    First of all, animals and humans doesn't have the same organs, skins, hair and all of the aspects of each species. Therefore it's invalid to experiment and try medicines and cures on them. Experiments are sometimes harmful for the animals. If they want to test whatever they're making or doing, maybe they should do it on their selves.

  • More Dead Animals

    I don't think that it should be illegal for people to experiment on animals. Experimenting on animals is probably hurting and making them, because they get poked with needles. I think that it should also be illegal also, because about ten to one-hundred million animal die a year from animal experimentation.

  • It's painful for them...And truly cruel.

    According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, "Many animals are also abused, neglected, and harmed in ways that violate the law. In 2012, monkeys were boiled alive when sent through scalding-hot mechanical cage washers, while others overheated to death in poor laboratory conditions. Other examples include open-heart surgeries without painkillers and unauthorized amputations." (Animal Testing.) That is just truly cruel and inhumane to do to another living creature on this Earth.

  • I don't care if they're "not humans" - it's wrong!

    Picture this organism: it has a heart. It has a brain. It has guts and a stomach. It can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. It breathes. It has a heartbeat. It needs food and water to survive. It has family.
    This could be a human, a monkey, a mouse, a dog, a cat, a rat . . . . Billions of different creatures! Animals are a lot like humans, and just because they don't have the same potential doesn't mean that they can be treated like little forcible test subjects. It is COMPLETELY immoral and sick.
    This shouldn't be treated as any different than testing on humans - animals HAVE brains, and they DO feel pain, and if you think they don't care, then you're wrong! If you step on a cat's tail, it will be angry and feel the pain and be alarmed. How is that any different than sticking a medicine needle into a bunny and watching it suffer from side effects?
    Humans are so selfish that we must test on innocent, harmless, living organisms just like us.

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