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  • I don't want people to be fat.

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  • Yes they should

    They feel that it is not important to be involved in school. Nonetheless, If extracurricular activities were to be required for graduation, Many students would benefit from it. . . . However, These reasons may not always be clear to students or parents. Colleges love students that participate in extracurricular activities. They can have so much more fun.

  • Very good idea

    This is a good idea because it help kids learn to work in a team and more things like this. Also, It helps with the metal state of some students and that can lead to better grades overall for some schools. It also helps with physical health and can help prevent obesity in children.

  • This motion must stand.

    Main points
    firstly, extra activities could help students on comunition with other classmates or friends, and also extend your own 'social circle'.
    Secondly, teenage mental health, when teenagers feel abandoned or alone they might harm themselves which effects the rest of their life so if they have friends support them they'll feel much better.
    Having extra activities is no harm to us so today's motion must stand.

  • Its very bad

    It wouldn't be "extra" if it was mandatory. This debate is stupid, because you're basically saying that you should extend school. Extra curricular is EXTRA. EXTRA. EXTRA. Meaning that is, again, EXTRA. It wouldn't be extra if it was mandatory, and thus, you are all gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.

  • Kids Should Get A Break

    I believe kids should have extracurricular activities because it gives them a break. Doing work for 365 days without breaks, our brains would be fried. Put yourselves in their shoes, and you'll feel exactly what they feel every hour in school without breaks. Kids wouldn't have a life because they would have a lot of homework to do and just focus on school. You say we have to pay, that's what fundraisers are for. Extracurricular activities help people with social skills because you go out and meet new people. Yeah being in school will help with your grade but learning 8 hours in school without a break for 365 days of school is horrible. So it is helping kids and giving the kids a break.

  • Your principal has decided that all students must participate in at least one extracurricular activity. For example, students could participate in sports, work o

    Your principal has decided that all students must participate in at least one extracurricular activity. For example, students could participate in sports, work on the yearbook, or serve on the student council. Do you agree or disagree with this decision? Use specific details and examples to convince others to support your position.

  • It would benefit kids.

    “The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.”- Arthur Schopenhauer. I think this quote perfectly sums up the idea of boredom being the enemy. As I see it, when children, or anyone, in fact, becomes bored, that is where we are at our worst. This causes children to do things that they shouldn’t, or have behavioral issues at school. Based on this, we can tell that having a mandatory after school activity would be beneficial to kids. It would get kids to be involved in their community, allowing them to have broader friendship circles. Also, providing there is broad spectrum of after school sports, it would allow kids to have a healthy lifestyle change. But, most importantly, behavioral issues are caused by boredom. Having a mandatory after school activity would take away this boredom and give kids something to focus on.


  • Yes, it has to be compulsory.

    All the health and physical benefits are definitely in favour. It helps relieve stress, tackle obesity, prevent breast and colon cancer. It helps children make friends and build good co-operation and leadership skills. It also boosts their confidence and self-esteem. After school sport is not an option. It is a necessity.

  • Students should be able to pick.

    Students might not like it, Or have the time or money to do these activities. I think extracurricular activities are good, But I don't think every student in the world would like it. Students who like it should do it, But students who don't like it should be able to pick if they want to do it or not.

  • Wowza Bowza Kowza

    It is Extra curricular for a reason, people may argue that it gives you high school or college credits, but if it isn't extra curricular and is mandatory then everyone does it and it won't gain you anything. You will just be forced in to some lame and pointless activity.

  • If it conflicts with other Extra Curricular Activities.

    My school district has cut down on extras. They have no dance program as such as a parent I pay for out of school private lessons. These lessons and recitals conflict with some of the choir concerts. If my daughter doesn't show for dance rehearsal, she's kicked out of the dance I paid good money for. To make a Choir or Band Concert part of a grade is absurd.

  • Im a student myself

    Who is forced to do piano but not by choice.My entire life i havent had to do any extra activities and its not like i enjoy it i don't feel like its fair to force someone to do something they don't have any passion for on top of this i've been recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety on top of this since i was 5 i've had ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) with piano with that all it is is extra stress and wasted time

  • Dum dum dum

    Schools should not be able to force schoolkids to do extracurricular activities. Most middle and high schoolers already have enough going on in their lives. It is not the schools decision what extracurricular activities kids do it is the parents. Kids should have free time to do whatever ever they want after school. Kids already have enough going on in their days, why do they need extra activities.

    Middle and High schoolers have so much going on in their lives, most do not have time for extracurricular activities. Some have parents who work all day, others have to take care of younger siblings. In a study done by the Atlantic, they interviewed 128 high schoolers and found that “49 percent of students reported feeling “a great deal of stress” on a daily basis.” Most kids are drained after a long day of school and the last thing they need is more responsibilities. School already has lots of power over children, how much more can we give them.

    Parents should share the decision with their kids of whether or not they participate in extra activities. The purpose of school is to prepare the next generation for getting a job and having knowledge of basic aspects of life. Parents make sure their kids are going to grow up to be good people and make sure they have good work ethic. It is understandable if a parent forces their child to do an extracurricular activity, they probably just want them to have new experiences in life.

    Children should have more freedom in their lives. It is important that school is there to keep kids on track to become successful, but I think freedom to do what you want is also important. If a kid does not want to do extracurricular activities, why should they. If they are extremely uninterested in what is happening, what positive benefit will this have on their life? None, they will not try, listen, or care because it is just not what they want to do. Schools need to give kids more space to learn in ways they want to. Freedom to choose what you want to do in life is very important.

    Kids are busy enough, if they want to do, extra activities let them, and if they do not want them, they do not have too. The kids have lives to live and they can live them however they want. If schools maybe took out part of the school day to perform these activities I would be more on board. I think that if schools started to enforce these rules kids would have less time to do what they wanted and have much more stress everyday.

  • Schools should not have the ability to force to students to participate in activities outside the school day

    Students should not be required to participate in extracurricular activities because they can take the opportunity if they should want it, it takes up extra time they may not even have free, no one should ever be forced to do something unwillingly. What if they weren't interested? On top of these reasons, students already must complete sometime hours of homework and projects, plus studying for upcoming quizzes and tests. They should also have the time to do something they enjoy, like reading or watching a show or going out with friends. Students already have so much expected of them, so why put another requirement on top of it all?
    Of course they should learn leadership and work on confidence and all the other wonderful things mentioned when speaking in favor of this topic. But they should also learn responsibility and accountability, which comes with being able to make decisions for themselves, especially when it comes to managing their own time. If they choose to waste their time, that is completely up to them and they can and will suffer the consequence. But it should be their own choice, not another obligation thrown on top of the always piling mess of things to go.
    To conclude I would like to say I think extracurricular activities are wonderful and fun. They really can help, provided you work hard and have the right attitude. I also believe that people should;d be able to choose for themselves, and face whatever the consequence may be. That is why these types of things should never be required, only encouraged and always offered to those who care to participate.

  • Too many problems with it

    Making them mandatory could cause students to get stressed out which could lead to depression. That depression could maybe even be increased to self-harm or suicide. It would also give them less time to be with family and friends making them have less time to get to know their families and that might make them distance themselves from their loved ones which might end up causing more stress. Also all the added suicide due to depression from major stress could lead to major problems in the future.

  • Kids should get choices

    It isn't fair to make kids go do after school activities. First of all, it may be wasting time. Second of all, kids may not like it and it would just be wasting money for something not even helping for anything. S S S S S S S S S S

  • Not everyone has the money

    After school programs are very expensive. Parents have to pay for costumes, t-shirts, and equipment if it's sporting. When it’s forced, parents might not always have the money. Not every family has money for these activities and would have to take money that they need, for examples food, and bills.

    These activities aren’t free for the school either. If the school required these activities, they would also have to hire people to actually do the activities.The school would have to pay the new employees every week, costing a lot of money; this money could go to field trips, school supplies, and setting up school events like the carnival. For example, at our school sometimes we don't have the money for field trips if we start enforcing after-school activities, how will the school pay for anything!

  • We need to have a choice

    It seems ironic that curricular activities were supposed to help students in learning and maturing. If students are to mature, they should be allowed to handle choices-- things that compulsory co-curricular activities does not give us. And it would be like forcing a square peg into a round hole, students should be allowed to opt out of these activities to pursue what they like

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