Should extreme criminals (murders, rapists) and mentally disabled people be made infertile?

Asked by: alivia
  • Definitely! I don't know why it isn't that way already.

    It's really simple. Insane, mentally impaired, or just outright crazy people are not benefiting society in any way. In fact, the care we have to provide them subtracts significantly from our economies and daily lives. And of course, murderers, rapists, and the like should be put to death in my opinion... But the least we can do is make sure their genes don't make it any further.

  • Yes, of course.

    Its necessary to save civil society. If you love your children enough to care for them and teach them right from wrong b y example, then you have nothing to worry about. But, if you're criminal trash and you pop out little future criminals who destroy lives, then we need to sterilize you. Its painless. Its also merciful to society. It prevents and limits the number of future victims that will suffer from these criminal offspring.

  • I agree that we should sterilise violent criminals

    The human capacity for aggression and violence while a useful trait in our development no longer has a place in civilised society and over time would be bred out of our speices by this process.

    .....Or course you could also argue we would then be selecting for criminals who were better at not getting caught.

  • Yes, Just As It Once Was

    Once upon a time, we allowed in America for the sterilization of violent criminals or those with severe genetic anomalies. This is a beneficial practice that helps to preserve public health and public safety. Revoking these practices as part of the accepted legislation was one of the grandest blunders our government has ever made. It's time we rectified this.

  • It isn't legally possible.

    Most people are touchy about the government interfering with their daily lives at all, but imagine the public's reaction if the government announces it now has power to decide who gets to have children. It wouldn't be very good.

    And it isn't very morally correct anyways. I assume the intent here is to stop "bad genes" from being inherited by future generations, but that is a slippery slope. If this becomes a possibility, what else will. Would we start wanting to kill children they already have before they were categorized as not allowed to have children? We we make autistic people infertile? It could branch off anywhere.

    And finally, there are numerous reasons this should not apply to criminals at all:

    1- Criminal intent is not genetic (for the most part), so there will be no harm in having their genes passed on
    2- It would be defined as cruel and unusual punishment, which is against the Constitution
    3- If it is a serious enough crime, they will be in jail for a very long time, or life, which makes it extremely difficult to have children anyways

  • No, people who are disabled should not

    It is not fair that people with mental disabilities are being grouped together with those who have committed severe crimes. Many mental disabilities only affect certain parts of the brain, and therefore they may be perfectly capable of making good decisions. I believe that this question was wrongly worded in its grouping and people who commit crimes should not be grouped with people who may have been born with a disease.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    What a disgusting question. Mentally disabled people should be sterilised? What kind of world do we live in that you think people with disabilities should have the choice of procreation taken away from them, just because they have a disability? Additionally, murder and rape are not genetic issues - they're social issues.

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