• Of course they should

    Sometimes when I'm my basement alone, I get lonely. I happen to find younger girls attractive, But that's just because I'm a pedosexual. This is 2018 and we should be able to recognize that age is just a number, And we should celebrate our sexual orientation. Therefore, I not only think kids under 13 should be allowed, It should be federal law for them to have an account with sexy pics of their prepubescent naked bodies. I have the right to express my sexuality and vote for Bernie Sanders 2030. Hail Hydra, Sheeple. You facist bigots.

  • Ok why not

    Parent's should have access to their child settings on their account while children are monitered and controlled to whom they speak to, And what else. Until the child/account is 13 - 14 they should then be allwoed to have access to all of the website. Parents also have to monitor the kids when they get on, And have the option to lock them in - out of the account and have time settings for them

  • Not Enough Responsibility

    Kids under 13 should not be exposed to social media at such a young age. They are not mature enough and they can be victims to cyber bulling and scam. I think that 14 is a good age because teenagers start to mature more than a 10 year old or an 8 year old

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