• Yes, Facebook should be cautious

    Facebook should be more cautious because of the many viruses that can harm the hard drive. Once the software infiltrates it, hackers can access any part of a hard drivefrom remote locations. They can access sensitive information or documents, steal logins for other databases, or simply ruin ones computer. A good preventive tactic woud help.

  • Facebook Has A Responsibility To Its Users Beyond Normal Corporate Ideals

    With the hundreds of millions of users across the globe, Facebook has moved beyond a normal corporate entity into the realm of public trust. While Facebook the company still has its main responsibility to its shareholders, the sheer mass of users must be considered in any decision or process made. Facebook must be more cautious in all of its changes and moves, and needs to protect its users as much as possible from malicious software.

  • Yes, they should.

    Every day I see my friends saying that their accounts were hacked or that they accidentally sent their friends a virus or waning people not to click on their links. I have never seen facebook try to intervene or come up with a solution. If this continues they will lose subscriber.

  • Facebook Has the Necessary Mesaures in Place

    Facebook has proven that it, like many other tech companies, puts security at the forefront of its priorities. No company is perfect, however, Facebook has a comparatively excellent track record with regards to security concerns. There is always room for improvement, but I see Facebook as constantly striving to improve.

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