• Facebook should be more customizable

    Yes I think Facebook should be a little bit more customizable. People spend a lot of time on social media websites. They want their profile to explain exactly who they are and some people may need more options for it to truly fit all of the aspects of their personality.

  • Facebook needs a facelift

    Facebook needs to be much more customizable. They give you just an edge on what you can do. As users, it's our prerogative to do what we want, however they keep a stronghold on it. Allowing users the freedom to choose will help them succeed in the future as more and more have closed their accounts.

  • Yes, it should.

    I barely use Facebook any more because of all the ads and spamming that happens on it now. I don't feel that I can customize my privacy settings the way that I want and it feels way too confining especially compared to other social media sites. They need to changes some things in order to keep a strong user base

  • No Facebook is fine the way it is.

    No Facebook should not be more customizable, right no less than 10% of Facebook users take advantage of 20% of the custom features currently offered by Facebook. Increased features cost cash and valuable developer time. Facebook is on solid ground just improving the desktop and mobile features they currently offer. No need to add more.

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