• Shut it down

    While there are clear benefits to Facebook, the issues far outweigh the benefits. Facebook has caused countless teens and children to commit suicide due to cyber bullying, it's destroyed arguments that have resulted in real life murder and it's caused burglaries (people posting when they're on holiday).
    Paedophiles can see the billions of pictures of children uploaded, ex boyfriends and girlfriends obsess over each other's pages (delaying the healing process) and people are forgetting how to interact with each other without a screen in front of them! People that really care about each other talk on the phone anyway, and surprisingly enough, I don't give a shit what someone I went to primary school with had for breakfast!
    Also it gives a platform to sick people who sell animals along with other dispicable activities. We don't need it, wake up lemmings

  • Facebook should definitely be shut down.

    Facebook is just bad in general. There are so many things going wrong and Facebook is filled with scams. Not only do I think that it's bad for the adults, but I also think that it's bad for the children. Especially children that set up fake accounts, pretending to be older than they really are. Facebook is also filled with nastiness. Every single time that you scroll down your news feed, there are nasty photos posted. I'm sick of it. And I'm also sick of the drama and everybody being mad, cussing and carrying on. Too many people have been hurt over Facebook. Something needs to change.

  • Facebook is a societal nightmare

    We think that Facebook is creating multiple connections, but the reality is that is creating virtual connections. There is no "real" connection there at all. Social interaction isn't just in front of a pc and messaging someone from another country. It is getting out in the real world and meeting people. The more people rely on FB, the less likely they will be able to function in real life relationships. Also, it drives me CRAZY when I hear a company say "like me on Facebook." I would rather not use that company at all. I meet people in real life. I call people and text, when necessary. I don't spend hours updating my Facebook page. I just more people would get away from Facebook for a week. Most would know immediately, just how bad it really is.

  • I agree it should be shut down!.

    Anyone can set up a profile, how many people have been murdered, catfished etc. So many young children can lie about their age and set up an account, added with their innocence and clueless mentality, leaves them extremely vulnerable to predators. Serious security measures should be put in place at least!. Anything goes on FB and I appreciate there are some plus sides to FB but like I mention, serious security messages should be paramount.

  • Facebook should be shut down

    Because Facebook has led to the death for 9600 persons. That incredibly much so why not shut it down so more people can be alive. THe world becomes scared when they hear Facebook if they hear this. It maybe is positive in some ways but there are a lot of other social medias that also has the similiar options

  • Too much verbal abuse, sexual content and graphic content desensitizing our kids.

    I see kids online and I see tons of verbal abuse trolls from other countries cutting down women and stalking people. If not shut down at least allow users to talk and only share with those in their country. Give us the option to block countries on our own profile.

  • Facebook should be shut down for good

    Facebook if full of bad and scary people. People can stalk you and see where you live. They make fake accounts to hide their identities to trick kids and take them. The sight has so many scam account people are tricked out of their money, family and free gifts. Facebook needs to be shut down!

  • Facebook created by a Thief who supports other Thieves.

    As has been widely noted the creator of facebook simply stole the idea and implemented it from underneath his partners. Even though He was sued it is little justification for those who have ideas that are stolen by others and it exists as a form of revenge for those who like a biased opinion and don't allow for actual facts to be researched and then reported properly by organizations who are liable for what they say.

  • Social media is actually internet terrorism

    Those who use facebook in this day and age are using it as a free billboard to promote themselves or a belief with out having to pay for it or be liable for it. If people had to actually pay to post their opinions on line this would all go away and the world with the internet would be a much safer place. Unfortunately that doesn't happen and people freely use facebook and twitter to defame and destroy the lives of others. It is nothing short of a form of terrorism and it IS internet terrorism.

  • Social Media is a Sickness

    Social media is a sickness is the best way I can describe what transpires on places like facebook or twitter for that matter. Why would I say this? Simple because anonymity allows for people to say what ever they want with no responsibility or accountability what so ever with little to no repercussion against it as it allows users to hide behind "free speech" To make Facebook a truly honest place all users should have their personal information displayed for contact by Attorneys who can represent those who use it to destroy others. Social Media is a disease that feeds the need for those who need attention.
    Much like its creator who stole the concept form its actual originators facebook condones and allows this behavior to be a wide spread global vehicle for the narcissistic to be allowed to influence others into detrimental actions.

  • No, facebook should not be shut down, users should have the choice to use it.

    Unless Facebook does something illegal or very morally incorrect, it should not shut down without consent. While Facebook does sometimes cause negative effects in people, this is not the case for everyone and it is up to the individual to decide whether they want to take the risks involved in using Facebook.

  • Facebook will shut itself down in time.

    The Facebook fad is dwindling and people are starting to realize that it's a false and shallow look into others lives, seeing a very narrow sliver of what others hope to be. The truth is that what is posted on there doesn't reflect the true nature of the person. If people want to see a very skewd view of others then let them. I still believe in humanity and how people will overcome this silly website.

  • Facebook Should Remain Up,Not Shut Down

    I don’t think it should be shut down because of stupidity...SOME of us use this to connect with friends as it was intended for and to connect with our family around the world...Not all of Us can afford to pay for international calling or visit them so this is the closest thing to that,so no I don’t think Facebook should be shut down!!!

  • Why should Facebook be shut down?

    Facebook helped us to communicate and make calls or texts with each other, and helped people at the other side of the globe be in touch with each other.

    People don't usually get that of course, there are cyberbullies out there, scammers, and people who trick you into kidnapping children. Should Facebook be banned or shut down? There are multiple cases of road accidents or deaths because of being run over by a car. Shouldn't cars and trucks be banned? No! So, if you don't like to see all the stalkers, or thieves, the scammers, the kidnappers, then don't use Facebook! There are also report buttons so that you can report their accounts, and options that lets you block the user, and, please give you and your family privacy!

    So, should Facebook be shut down or what?

  • It should not be shutdown

    Complainers have the right to NOT use it if they choose not to.

    It connects people worldwide, helps business reach a greater number of people, and helps far away friends stay connected conveniently.

    Cars run people over. Thats a fact., Road deaths. Yet nobody is campaigning to have cars banned and stopped, are they?

    If idiots want to share all their personal data, then it's their own fault when they get hacked. Smart networking isn't that hard.

  • Facebook can be useful if you know where to look and with care can be very productive.

    I'm a tad bit torn on this issue....

    While some may argue that Facebook is the cause in activities resulting in acts of suicide by allowing cyber-bullying to run amok and other such illegal activities, I believe that these suicidal tendencies is actually the direct cause of the bullies parents and not Facebook's. In fact, I haven't once seen any cyber-bullies on the social media website but I know that even though this doesn't mean they're not there, I believe that the Facebook employee's remain hard at work on identifying these cyber-bullies and shut down their accounts. I also believe that Facebook may also be pretty good at identifying and eliminating scams on the website as well, even though there remains some.

    However, Facebook does make it easier to communicate with family and friends which is what I do all the time. Facebook also makes it a bit easier for game map makers for say like Doom players to share the game maps they make.

    Facebook also include some very good tools for helping to eliminate certain problems such as the 'block profile' feature that someone can use when stopping a penitential stalker, 'report a profile' for reporting profiles that's suspected of masquerading as someone else's or using stolen photos belonging to someone else, the ability to completely hide or privatize profiles and more.

    Every time I reported issues with the site, I usually receive very quick replies to my quarries in regards to my problems.

    Not only this, Facebook's well known for helping authorities in the apprehension of criminals by providing the necessary tools required to make arrests as police officers can sometimes find clues to suspected act-ivies.

  • Facebook Should Not be Shutdown

    No, Facebook should not be shutdown as it provides a valuable service and does not impede upon rights. Facebook provides the service of being able to keep in touch with people for long periods of time, and though it does sell personal information for gain, it does not violate rights as one must agree to this program.

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