• False news adverts....

    After the incident with Mr Martin Lewis, a money saving expert, and his incident with false adverts on Facebook with his face and name commenting on his ways I think it should be. Also towards the fact that because of how popularand big it has become it now has more variety of news some which can be miss leading and false

  • Facebook is far from beneficial to the majority of its users but unfortunately we have to keep it

    Face it, facebook is now essential for marketing. Businesses uses it to promote their products , events, etc. Since facebook is clearly a huge corporation, its closing would affect the stock market (maybe as a whole) expectedly in a negative way and the unemployment rate would also increase but not significantly.

    But like I said, it’s not useful to it’s users as it’s only a social media platform, where third parties but info from the users of facebook.

  • Consumer Ignorance to Blame

    Beyond the recent problems involving Facebook violating some local privacy laws regarding how people's data is handled, the product is inherently legitimate. The problem here is consumer ignorance. People just blindly ignore the terms and conditions of online products that they use on a daily basis. If people were to read these conditions, they would likely discover the malignant practices of the platform and not use the service. It is important to remember that you are the payment of a free product.

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