Should Facebook be used as a learning tool in schools?

  • FB should be used as a learning tool in schools

    - encourages student engagement - material in and outside of classroom
    - creates an organised space
    - gives you opportunity to get extra information which you might not get in class
    - reduces email messages because students are posting on wall instead. Besides, who even checks emails?
    - students are on facebook anyway

  • Facebook has a lot of things to learn from

    Facebook should definitely be used as a learning tool because there is so much you can learn. One thing students need to learn is how to use it responsibly, and how to identify responsible and irresponsible behavior. Employers are using Facebook to screen applicants these days also, so to prepare our children for the work force they need to know what employers are looking for and how not to make costly mistakes.

  • It's not needed

    Facebook is a great social networking tool. I, however, would not want my young son or daughter even on facebook due to the nature some of the adult content of the site. There are simply too many other sources of information out there to ascertain knowledge from. Find other sources.

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