• They Are Popular Enough

    Facebook has definitely become a household name in the last several years. They have the capital, the resources, and the name recognition to take on a big project like this. They should look into developing a mobile phone with Facebook software. At least it would create some jobs along the way.

  • Bad Move

    The reason they shouldn't do that is because there is already a way to access facebook from every phone that has internet access. creating their own mobile phone seems like a waste of resources, would it do anything else that is not facebook related? it just seems like a bad move

  • No, Facebook should not create its own mobile phone.

    What is the requirement of Facebook creating its own mobile phone? Almost all phones have browsers and can access the internet. Moreover Facebook has its own app that works on almost every mobile phone. I suggest that Facebook keeps its business to social networks only and does not spoil itself on other activities.

  • Facebook already has software that works on any mobile device

    Facebook already has an app that works on pretty much any internet-ready phone. What would a Facebook phone do that my iPhone 5 can't? I have access to all venues of social networking and much more with it and a Facebook Phone would surely be biased towards Facebook. It sounds like an unnecessary device. The Facebook trend is already slowly fading away, with many users using Twitter in addition to or instead of Facebook. By the time a Facebook Phone was designed and had all the bugs worked out Facebook will probably be obsolete.

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