• Computer companies don't care about their customers

    Clearly. They don't let you know about autoplay adding charges if you don't turn it off. That's only the tip of the iceberg. In using word documents, in navigating the internet, in using various websites I notice a common trend. These companies don't care about the customer at all. There is little drive to maximize convenience in the computer industry.

    Why hasn't the market corrected this? Why hasn't a competitor come forward to tout how they do things differently from Facebook? If a company came forward and said they were a social networking site that would also let you know about new features if they were going to charge you for it on your phone then that would be a selling point.

  • Facebook autoplay feature

    Yes They should have warned users about the auto play feature. While I do think that sometimes people need to be aware and responsible of the features that they are using sometimes people have no idea about these kinds of things. If they are going to charge you for it their needs to be a notification.

  • Facebook Should Have Warned Users About Its Autoplay Feature

    I strongly support every new Facebook feature to be well in advance explained to users. Also, to be reversible, if it is not welcomed by a user. I only use Facebook on my PC, which is also work PC, and I find it quite annoying. I often talk over the phone with a client and suddenly some strange sounds, from another autoplay on my Facebook wall, start. I often have to mute my PC to prevent such awkward situations.

  • Yes, Facebook should have warned users about its autoplay feature.

    Yes, Facebook should have warned users about its autoplay feature.The autoplay feature launches content that users have not selected to play, exposing the user and often whoever is in the immediate vicinity to content they would not otherwise play. The content may be merely distracting, or it could be offensive.

  • Facebook is at fault here.

    Facebook should have indeed had some kind of update page for their autoplay feature. I looked over the terms of use and didn't find it, maybe someone else did, but I didn't. At the very least, they should have some explanation on how to turn it off. The above article was very helpful in telling me how to turn that feature off. Thanks guys.

  • No, the negative impact it has on users is minimal.

    I don't believe that Facebook failed the users in any way or harmed anyone by not warning them about the Autoplay feature. It seems to me that the feature is helpful and was easily mastered once people were aware of it. I don't see many negative impacts on the users, which would be the only reason to prompt Facebook to give a warning over something so trivial.

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