• Yes, Facebook should over more gender choices than just male and female

    There are many people who feel themselves to be a mixture of both genders. Some people feel that they are purely transgendered (male in a female body or vice-versa), but there are others who feel that they are a mix of the two dominant genders. There are also people who feel they are gender-neutral. All of these should be options on Facebook so that like-minded people can find each other if they wish to do so.

  • They should, and they do.

    This question seems a little dated, seeing as how Facebook now offers multiple gender choices beyond male and female. I'm male. And since I'm of the "mind your own business and don't harm me" variety of American, I could never have a problem with this. More gender choices is a good thing for everyone.

  • Yes, Facebook should offer more gender choices than just male and female

    I believe Facebook is addressing an issue in a positive way by offering more gender choices than male and female. Gender is not just physical, but also psychological. Offering more than male and female for gender choices is a way to let users express who they are based on who they see themselves to be.

  • Yes, Facebook should allow more gender choices.

    Since Facebook is social media, it is important that everyone with an account has a gender to select that meets their individual identity. Facebook offers a chance to share information and make friends. For those that do not identify as either male or female, it will be helpful in expanding their social media circle of friends.

  • Boy/Girl, pick one.

    It doesn't matter what you feel like.
    FACT is that you are born either a boy or a girl, and you could get as many surgeries as you want, it still will never change what (who) you truly are.

    Soooo there is absolutely no reason for Facebook to be pressured into adding genders (who btw do not even exist) to their menu simply because a bunch of brainwashed, attention craving , free thinkers, fooled people into actually thinking that they are some kind of mutant species that can magically switch from one gender to another or just simply have no gender at all because THEY FEEL LIKE IT.

    If I would have done everything that I feel comfortable with in my life, I would be a : Billionaire tiger who looks like "Channing Tatum" (even if i'm a girl) and has 4 arms and hands to be able to play 2 guitars simultaneously and eyes at the back of my head so people don't back-stab me also id be German because wtf not. And i would undergo surgery so my offsprings would also look like "Channing Ttatum" because they're mine and i do whatever the "f" I feel like.

    PS: Facebook will most likely add more genders so there is no point to this.

    PPS: asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm
    (i wrote this whole thing because i was bored and why not give my opinion on transgenders and Facebook.)

  • That is the natural genders

    No, Face book should not offer more gender choices than male and female, because there is no other gender besides male or female. You can claim whatever you want, but you will be either born as a baby boy or girl, so there should not be an option for others.

  • No Because they are only 2 genders

    Before any of us were born they was the early human one a man and other a woman, man like woman very much woman liked man very much to man and woman had baby man and woman were very happy it was a girl 2 years had past woman wanted another child man wanted another child so they fucked once more they had baby it was a boy but man wanted more kids woman said but we already have a boy a male and woman a female what else can I create we have made the only 2 genders that exist gender is not a social construct gender does not cater to feelings yes dear its not like I can shoot out a carrot cake gender and they live happily ever after the daughter turned 12 year old mummy I identify as a carrot cake for my gender and this began the origin story of cancer.

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