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  • They Should Keep It

    I have no problem with this Facebook page and think that they should keep it. It is not harming or offending anyone, but paying respect for those that passed in this tragedy. This was actually a classy move by Facebook and whoever created the page. They need to keep it alive.

  • No they should not.

    There is absolutely no harm in keeping the pages. It would be similar for the tribute to 9/11, or the Boston Bombings. It will help people remember and it will help people understand that it DID happen. That people DID die. That there should be some aura of respect for the people who died.

  • Facebook should only ban illegal stuff.

    Facebook is a place where anyone can share things that are important to them, and this freedom should not be abridged unless something illegal is posted. The horror of Sandy Hook is something that should not be forgotten and should be a reminder of the work to be done to prevent so much gun violence in our country.

  • Facebook is part of freedom of speech.

    No they should not be removing the Sandy Hook Tribute pages. Facebook is about sharing and freedom of speech and if people want to share that then they should be allowed. You start removing things that aren't really hurting anyone and you open a big can of censorship arguments on Facebook.

  • No, the tribute pages should stay as a reminder.

    The Sandy Hook killings were a true tragedy that is still on the minds of many people in this country and around the world. It is a very sad event and something that should be remembered. By keeping the tribute pages on Facebook, folks are reminded of the problem with individuals who are unstable and prone to violence.

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