Should Facebook users be allowed to see who viewed their profiles?

  • Facebook is making your profile too open.

    With Facebook making profiles more and more available without contacting the people who control those profiles. With that in mind, it is important for Facebook to open up the information for users. It is important to know who is looking at your profile, because you never know who it might be.

  • Facebook is dodgy

    The longer facebook is a live social netwoking site the more dangerous it becomes. People are able to hack ito your account, use your photos, videos and your identity and facebook (company) does nothing about it.! People can stalk, harrass, defame you and you have no way to defend yourself! You should at the very least be able to see who views your profile, if they can do all that, why can't you at least see who is so interested in you>?

  • Yes They Should

    Facebook users should be allowed to see who is or ha viewed their profile. This is a feature that should have been added years ago. Many online forums have it and it is a really good feature. It can be used to inform the user and as security in some cases.

  • You could get marked as a pervert.

    Let's say your fifty and you want to find your friend, Kathryn. So you look up their name and click on one. It's a fourteen year old girl who is most definitely not your friend. So you leave her page, but now she can see you were on it. So now she's thinking who is this person? Are they a pervert? No, you're not, but now this girl believes you are. You could get investigated because you
    accidentally looked at this girl's Facebook page.

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