Should facial recognition searches take the place of fingerprint scans?

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  • Facial regognition is too expensive

    Facial recognition is too expensive to use full-scale. The US uses fingerprints and has done it for so many years. It is highly cost-effective. Maybe if there were uses of facial recognition just in very insecure regions of the world it wouldn't be so bad. Then the cost wouldn't be too high.

  • No, I dont think facial recongnition is good enough.

    No, I dont think facial recognition is good enough. I don't think that it can really do the job properly. I think finger prints are tested and really good at what they do overall. I really feel that facial recognition still has a long way to go as a technology style and should be changed to be allot better.

  • Fingerprints are unique to one person.

    I feel that facial recognition software has larger room for error. There are people that may look like others and could possibly pass through any facial recognition software. While it's not common, every ones fingerprints are different. If one person sets up something for recognition by fingerprint, no one else can access it.

  • Facial Recognition vs Fingerprint scans?

    I believe that fingerprints are able to be proven more reliable as they are always truly unique to the individuals. No two people have the same exact match of fingerprints, also similar points can match. Facial recognition on the other hand is less reliable as twins have the exact facial features and people that are completely unrealted can have similar matching features.

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