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  • Yes, factory farming should be legal.

    I definitely think that factory farming should be legal. I think that such tactics could be an efficient way to produce goods that would benefit the American people. I think that it would be beneficial in terms of making products cheaper and helping the economy. As long as everything is legal, then I have no problems with it.

  • Factory farming, Vertical farming, and Aquaponics should not only be legal, but should be encouraged.

    Factory farming, Vertical Farming, and Aquaponics use much exponentially less resources and land than traditional farming. These farms can be placed close to cities where the majority of food and produce is sold. Rather than destroy tons of acres of land and waste millions of gallons of water with traditional farming, produce should be grown in large industrial factories, or on skyscrapers through Aquaponics. This will help save resources and the environment.

  • There is a huge demand

    The nature of the population now a days is such that small family farms won't cut it in regards to supplying food sources. There are simply too many people who need to eat, and just like any other product that is mass produced, factory farming is more profitable and efficient for delivering goods.

  • Factory farming should be legal

    Factory farming should be legal in the United States. There are many people that would do the jobs, it would help the struggling economy, and the businesses need this type of business practices. If it is in demand, which it is, then the government should let the private market work its course.

  • You think it's fine to eat tortured animals? !

    Do you realise how wrong it is to kill animals and put them through so much pain through their whole lives just so you can enjoy you are food. What about them? They go through hell to be eaten. There are so many other foods u can enjoy instead of killing so many poor animals! You are what you eat. Put urself in the shoes of any animal in a factory farm, How would u feel without any breathing space, Not able to move at all and be tortured you are whole life so that people can enjoy eating you! It's insane what we're doing. This is just my opinion, U have urs. But let me tell u 1 thing that isnt: It's cruel!

  • Bad for basically everyone and everything. Factory farming is a deplorable method of fattening profit as well as livestock.

    Factory farming is simply an efficient way of cramping animal spaces together in order to maximize profit. Nearly 8 million animals are killed hourly to be processed into meat. Tight spaces can often lead to problems with the livestock, Including infections, Insanity, Release and intake of pathogens, Birth defects, And so many more. They use antibiotics to treat this, But bacteria can evolve, And they wouldn't have to use antibiotics if the animals were raised humanely. Those who say it benefits environment are sorely mistaken. The high concentration of animals means a higher concentration is waste and waste discharge. This is also threatening to the employees, Who can contract illnesses from the pathogens and unsanitary working conditions. Worse still, Big ag companies have enacted ag-gag laws that prevent people from publicizing the risks of factory farms. The public deserves to know the heavy cost of their meat. I've heard that family farms won't meet the demand. There's a reason for this too. Factory farms have gotten so big that family farms were unable to compete. Factory farms discharged a lot of waste and neighbors complained about the smell. Ironically, Cheap meat comes at a very heavy cost. It's why I buy my animal products local.
    (In my opinion, Local eggs taste much better than factory farmed eggs because they were raised humanely. They had an orange color because of higher vitamin concentration)

  • Factory farming should be illegal

    I think factory farming should be illegal because its cruel and animals and plants weren't meant to be hooked up to metal stuff . I don't even know why it even started because it is that cruel. Animals should be able to run around and not be stuck in a factory all day

  • This is very cruel

    Animals should not be put through that TORTURE. It is very cruel to do this to a living creature. I know this is not possible, but what if we were tortured by animals. We would not like that. And also, would you tortur your pet, i bet not. Thats why its cruel.

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  • Biggest Mistake in food Production...

    First off TJTretman, your facts are wrong, as far as factory farms. Your vertical farming and aquaponics references are accurate. But back to the topic of the debate.
    1. Factory farming uses less resources... Wrong. Maybe less land, but the impact on the land is concentrated. Not to mention the energy to build and maintain the farm is astronomical.
    2. Live next to a factory farm, you may want to, not me. They are toxic. Think about this, 20,000 hogs weighing in at 200 pounds each. They defecate daily, where does all that go, answer retaining ponds. That's hazmat. The earth is a wonderful filter and user of organic waste, but only in moderation. Twenty hogs, half acre rotated every month or so. The land uses the fertilizer and recovers. The land gets stronger and better for the pigs, its a natural cycle.
    3. Locking an animal up for its entire life, pumping it full of pig Prozac, so its not stress, and letting it eat and get fat. For some Americans, that's sounds great. How healthy is that. Your doctors tells you to exercise, eat right and be social. Healthier animals produce healthier meat for you and me.

    Any of you want to research before you speak, go try and tour a factory farm. First off they probably will not let you in, they will say bio-security, but they really don't want you to see how they operate.

    Watch Food, Inc if you have questions.

  • Factory farming should not be legal

    Factory farming should not be legal. It provides an intensive amount of food at a terrible cost to the environment, farmers who engage in these practices can not be trusted to follow any safety rules that might get in the way of their profits and that makes anything they produce suspicious.

  • Factory farming should not be legal.

    I do not believe that factory farming should be legal. The main reason I believe this is because I feel that it is very unnatural. First off, animals are not meant to be kept inside all of the time and plants are meant to grow in the sunlight. Personally I also believe that animals serve more purposes than a source of meat.

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