Should factory farms be scrutinized more (yes) or less (no) by the FDA?

  • They are providing food for consumption

    Yes, I believe factory farms should be scrutinized more by the Food and Drug Administration. This is a source of food for consumption and should be held by a higher standard. This country is starting to lag behind in their requirement in what they allow the country to consume, for instance cloned animals. There should be a requirement for factory farms.

  • Factory farming should be heavily scruntinized

    The practices at factory farms should be heavily scrutinized by the FDA to be certain that animals are not being harmed. The FDA has an obligation to the animals as well as the consumers to be certain that safe practices are being maintained and the animal welfare is being protected. The FDA should also be looking for ways to instate better practices for the farms.

  • Yes, they need regulation.

    Factory farms are infamous for poor conditions and cramped quarters. They are frequently involved in over-feeding and chemically inducing hormonal growth of animals which can be dangerous for human consumption if not properly scrutinized by the FDA. Not to mention the fact that often factory farms are profit-driven rather than product-driven and the owners of factory farms will not think twice to skimp on quality or sanitation to make an extra dollar.

  • They need to do their jobs.

    No, factory farms should not be scrutinized more by the FDA, because they need to be able to do their jobs. At a factory farm, the farmers cannot spend more of their time trying to comply with the FDA than they spend working on their farms. They have to be free to actually farm.

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