• All stories should.

    All stories should be retrofitted with happy endings. The extinction of sad ones is decades overdue. Everyone likes happy endings better. It's hard to deny that a happy ending is satisfying. So what is a sad ending? It's an abomination in need of destruction. Death to sad endings! Zero exceptions!

  • Yes yes yes.

    Sad endings are inappropriate for children. Censorship is tragically underused. To my knowledge, No country in the world currently regulates the endings of children's stories. They all should. Children should have the right not to be traumatized. In fact, There should be more than just age restrictions. Even debatably unhappy endings should be preceded by disclaimers.

  • No no no

    In children’s bedtime stories it is often expected that the story will end with everybody living happily ever after. But when you grow you realise that life is messier than stories. It does not always deliver happy endings, Because it does not deliver endings. Or at least, It only has one ending and that's dying. When a story is described as having a happy ending, It is easy to think of the happily ever after of a fairy tale. That is the default story of a fairy tail

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