Should families be allowed to bury loved ones in places of their choice such as backyards?

  • Provided it is cleared by inspection first

    Cemeteries have certain regulations and some of these regulations should also be applied to burials on residential property. If it is possible to bury them in the backyard without infecting ground water or otherwise posing a public health risk then it should be allowed within the same regulations applied to where cemeteries may be placed and how cemeteries must be maintained.

  • Yes, subject to compliance with local health ordinances.

    If burying a loved on in the backyard can be done safely, posing no environmental hazards, then why not? Burial plots are so expensive that some families cannot comply with the deceased's wishes to be buried rather than cremated. People are allowed to keep ashes of urns on their mantels. There ought to be some safe way to bury grandpa in the backyard.

  • Families should be able to bury loved ones where they choose

    Within certain guidelines, family members should be able to bury their loved ones where they choose as long as it is on property under their control. It must be done with the understanding that they will make arrangements to move the remains prior to conveying ownership of the property to anyone else.

  • Yes, the resting place of the deceased should not be limited to cemetaries.

    Yes, families should be able to bury their loved ones on any piece of private land that they own. If a family wishes to bury their loved ones in their backyard, and they have the equipment available to do so, it should be the families' choice. As long as the grave site doesn't physically encroach on any of the neighbor's property, the grave site is doing no harm. The neighbor's may be against the idea, but it won't cause a physical disturbance to them.

  • It's a public health issue.

    Dead bodies, particularly those of people who have died from infectious diseases, are reservoirs of bacteria and viruses. The decomposition process also attracts further bacteria, many of which can be very dangerous to human beings. Therefore it makes sense that burial of loved ones is confined to particular designated spaces to protect public health from the dangers these bodies can pose.

  • No sense at all

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