Should families in the U.K have more than 2 children.

Asked by: shrutis
  • Government doesn't have enough money

    At the moment families in the U.K can have as many children as they like some families only have 2 or 3 children but on the other hand some have 6,7 or even 8.For those families is it harder than you can, as they have to take care of so many children which also means more things needed in the house and more money spent and too many children in schools. This will also mean it will be that either the elder or the younger children won't get enough attention.Linking back to my first point although the primary schools are free, these schools will be full and the parents will have to put their children in private schools which cost a lot, which also means more money will be needed as their will a different uniform and more hard work as the children have to give entrance tests. Moving on to my second point, there are too many people who want a high paying job means more jobs and the government doesn't have enough money to build more offices and job centers. If there aren't enough jobs then there will be some families who don't have working adults and won't have an income in their house. This is why I think we should ban families in UK from having more than two children.

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