Should Family Guy and South Park be banned in the USA?

Asked by: ILoveCars
  • Yes, they should be banned permanently in the USA.

    They both are cartoons that are a very offensive influence for kids under 20 (myself included). The only adult animation I'm watched to watch are Futurama, The Simpsons, ... Not FG or SP, though. But still, FG, SP, and Robot Chicken are a very, very bad influence even for adults.

  • Yes, yes they should.

    Family Guy and South Park has created very humorous and entertaining jokes for the audience, but sadly they are very offensive to viewers who take the television show too seriously. Yes, some of these so called humourous jokes can cross the line from time to time, to time, in which is why I strongly think these two specific television shows should be banned. Many viewers will miss South Park and Family Guy, providing the audience a giggle here and there, but I'll be glad that's off the air, unlike American Dad. Anyways! That'll be two less television shows that should be off air and that have been on too long and need and ending point. Oh and they also set a bad influence to children.

  • This is insane!

    Dont you relize how it impacts minds of children, mentally ill people, some sick n********** and also other ordinary people !? !? !?
    Shows like that should be banned! In Europe there is a term for this - its called hate speech and in some countries like Belgium its punished with prison!

  • Yes they should be banned

    The shows have no limit cap on what they show period. They attack religious deities with no respect for the people or belief, make light of aduse bit it from animals to women or children, the humor is lame and distasteful, they show so much junk that should be censored from tv. The creates don't seem to realize the big impression they have on a younger and more unstable audience that may desire to re enact scenes from the shows. The simple way to get it fixed is to removed this crap from the airways

  • Yes these cartoons should be banned

    These so called “cartoons” are just downright gauche! (very poor taste) And its not just family guy and south park either. The Simpson’s, American dad, and any others that fit into the category, though not quite as bad as FG and SP, are still very crude. Just like what the others have said, these shows have an absolutely toxic influence on not just our children, but on everyone. These shows put the emphasis on the stereotypes and misconceptions about what this world is. And that’s only the beginning. These shows poke disrespectful fun at anything and everything that must be taken seriously and with respect, including but not limited to - religion, race, our fellow man in general, and animals. Just to name a few. What’s ironic is that when I was younger (early teens) I actually enjoyed watching these shows. But as I grew, and began to really understand who I was and what these shows really stood for, I now take serious offense at them. I don’t know if whoever made these cartoons really meant for them to deliberately be offensive or not. I don’t understand how people out there find this mental sludge amusing and only see it as “harmless fun”. The point is that we really are what we eat. The more we are exposed to this stuff, the more we actually become what this stuff is. Its part of why today’s generation has become so misguided. Maybe it’s just a matter of taste but these programs must go. Overall, these so called “cartoons” have mawked, insulted, degraded, and blasphemed every moral, teaching, mindset, and value that I hold dear, as well as anything else I have liked. And for those on the other side of the argument that say this would be violating their constitutional rights, at the very least, if not ban the shows, make it so that they are only available by purchasing them by DVD or download through a limited number of retailers that sell only to those over a very strict age limit. That way they still get to see their shows but it will be kept away from our children and those who really don’t like it. (hopefully)

  • Should Family Guy and South Park be banned in the USA

    Its a very nasty, disgusting, and ill inform noneducational pile of shit that's self opinionated, dictating and anti religious, its just a low moral pile of garbage but what can you expect from a dirty nigger loving jew and no moral fucker, who thinks they are the smartest guys on the face of the planet because they don't believe in any thing that is pure and good and everyone else is stupid, because we believe in God and our Saviour, the day these fuckers die is the day they will learn the truth

  • I think books show should be canceled because they are a negative influence on children.

    Sometimes the shows like to make jokes about races and religions and that kids are easily influenced and I think whenever they see on TV is true and that's why it is a problem because kids my watch the show and think that it might represent the teachings of the church or how the system really works. I used to watch Family guy when I was younger and because of certain racist jokes I got in trouble a couple of times. There were times when I would accidentally blurt out a racist joke and thank heaven I didn't because I would have gotten into big trouble with people and my parents told me if I did say it to the person's face they probably would have kicked my butt. I was just a kid that time so they probably would have. I also have cousins who are black and half white and they mean a lot to me they were like sisters to me since birth and the lasts thing I want to do is hurt there feelings.

  • Waste is detrimental

    I have never watched those stupid programs. I hear only bad thing about them. Filthy jokes, sadistic and offensive things. Why would we let children watch such detrimental things? Learn them to do something else than wasting time. Don't teach them immorality, there is to much of it in society.

  • Yes these shows are intoxicating todays minds

    I personally have never watched south park but family guy should be banned due to the fact that it is racist and in todays world that will not be tolerated my friend told me that her son's good friend was watching family guy and he refrences it and makes fun of the kids of different religions than him if the us dosent agree to ban it then they should at least make sure that parents of young children don't expose them to the foul language and rude actions done in the show

  • Yes, ban this trash

    These shows are disgusting. Offending people is not a good thing. What happened to an inclusive society? TV should have shows that parents do not have to legitimately fear their children seeing. Only by banning this filth can we ever get TV back to the way it once was, where family could watch things together.

  • Freedom of Speech

    How could fellow americans want to take away their own rights? I am appalled that others would even consider this. South Park and Family Guy are works of fiction meant for adults. They highlight problems in society by making fun of them in a satirical way.
    No children shouldn't watch these shows because they aren't appropriate, But they should not be banned.
    Just because you don't like seeing the problems of society being made fun of doesn't mean that you need to throw a fit like a two year old.
    You are saying that artists should be jailed for expressing their opinions. So should any person that makes something you find DISTASTEFUL be jailed? Is that not the same thought process that HITLER had when he killed the jews?
    Check your privilege mate.

  • Stop It already

    This shouldn't be an issue, If you don't like a tv show don't watch it, It's as simple as that, And how bout parents, Parent their fucking kids and not let them watch tv shows that aren't meant for them.
    Keeping up with the Kardashians is a much worse influence on youth in America, This same debate has been going on for decades, Some woman tried to get married with children cancelled because it was offensive, Which is wrong, If you don't like something, Don't watch it, But don't ruin it for the people who do like it.

  • Lots of bad parents here. . .

    A good portion of the arguments for yes states it's a bad influence on children. Simply if you are worried about it being a bad influence, Perhaps you should be a better parent and actually control what your kids watch. Parents should be more responsible, And it is not societies place to do your job for you.

    Even more so on top of that, If it offends you, Don't watch it. Everyone seems to have this attitude that if it offends them it should be banned, But that's simply not true. If no one is forcing you to watch or consume it, Then you should quit being such a snowflake about it and move on with your life.

  • Come on now!

    Holy jeebus! Are we seriously putting everything in a bubble of nope?
    If you don't like the show, Don't watch it. Plain and simple. Just like I don't watch the religious shows. I CHANGE THE CHANNEL! Good grief people. I call for all religion to be banned from television then, It goes against my Atheism. My kid might watch it and catch religion!

  • Just because it offends you, Doesn't mean you get to remove it, Sorry. LOL

    South Park is one of our most FAVORITE adult comedy shows, And we love Family Guy too; so just because shitty parents cannot monitor their kids television viewing, They want to remove things JUST because it makes THEM uncomfortable or offended by its content? LOL
    That is NOT how freedom of speech works, Sorry. Lol You don't get to remove and damn everything that you do not AGREE with or do not like, With a screaming whining tantrum of "take it away! " as if your shit opinion matters in the world of many differences and opinions, And preferences.

    Oh, It insults your religion because it is a loose based comedy show? Or it pokes fun as politics, Or current world events?
    Get OVER your fucking self, And change the channel then, And don't let your under age children, Watch ADULT cartoons.

    Just the same, You'd not let your kids walk into an adult superstore, Why? Because you WATCH them.

    You'd not let them watch porn or R rated films, Why?
    Because you WATCH them.

    You'd not let them drink alcohol or smoke, Why?
    Because you WATCH them.

    You'd not let them drive your god damn car, Or go places alone, Why?
    Because you WATCH then.

    So don't think that just because you don't like a show because it "offends you", Or "your kids might see it", Is a basis for comparison for REMOVING it just because you are complaining wrongfully.

    To that, I say piss off and don't let your door hit you on the ass when you walk back into your bubble of safe approval. . . ;) lol

  • Outrageous and absolutely not!

    South Park and Family Guy are WELL LOVED LONG STANDING SHOWS, That make MILLIONS of ADULTS happy, And SO many things in the United States lately are being halted, And restricted, Where is this "Land of the Free" and "Free Speech" going anymore? Why is the United States becoming such a controlled and censored joke?
    Censoring the internet, And now you want to censor shows, Simply because you are too dumb to monitor your ugly children's tv content? ALL of you shit kicking and prim pampered fucks over here to the left of this site, BITCHING because your shitty children watch these ADULT shows, And somehow your shit ass parenting and lack of supervision is somehow pertinent to RUINING adult themed shows for open minded adults, Due to your lack of ability to monitor what your nasty offspring watches while you are too busy popping pharmaceuticals and chasing it with your alcohol in the other room. LOL FUCK OFF, YOU WHINY DICKHEADS!
    WATCH YOUR SHITTY KIDS BETTER----- You'd not let your child enter an adult super store, Or watch porn, Or read adult book content, So why the FUCK do you get to choose whether or not we get OUR shows? In that case, Lets also get rid of ALL adult content, Just in case your shit bag children and yourself cannot handle it, Or them, From seeing or reading things, Right? No. That's not how that works, Slick. LOL

  • Cross the line

    It's extremely foolish to think something like this would even be effective. Three comedy geniuses and to epic shows which have stood the test of time despite it all. True comedy is knowing where the line is but deciding to cross it anyway. Mad? Then don't watch. Simple enough asshole?

  • Cross the Line

    Two great shows and three brilliant minds whose sole purpose was to say what every show or comedian are afraid to say while still making you laugh. They embody the essence of true humor. True comedians know where the line is but they are not afraid to cross it anyway.

  • Not now, not ever!

    These shows aren’t intoxicating for children, because they are NOT for children in the first place! Duh! It’s ignorant parents that don’t monitor what their kids watch. It’s not the show’s fault. Stop trying to ruin it.
    I am strongly against censorship. Banning cartoons are not the answer.

    They’re not meant to educate, but SP has taught life lesson throughout episodes. People need to stop labeling them as evil. They are NOT deliberately racist or an6 other form of intolerance.

  • Educational for children

    Both these shows are constantly making fun of bad adult behavior. Look at the kids in southpark. They are handicapped, different races, different religions, different sexes. They make fun of each other but still they are friends. Its there parents that blow everything out of proportion. Just like in real society. Kids don't need protection from the real world they need real answers, the truth, and the tools to deal with.

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