Should Family Guy have killed off Brian Griffin?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • The show was dying.

    The ratings for Family Guy have been dying for years as the show has been going more and more extreme and grotesque. Killing off a character is a common move as a last ditch effort to revive a dying show. And the reason is because it works. While it won't save the show, it does draw eyes and conversations. That translates into a temporary bump in ratings which means more advertising profits to pull in before pulling the plug. The show will only last another season or two and expect plenty more things to draw attention and views until then.

  • Brian didn't really have the same relationship

    With the other characters as he used to have. He's much more funny as a straight guy when Peter says some retarded crap. When he doesn't really interact with the family as much, there's no one he can be a foil to, which makes him much less funny overall.

    I hope the new character is close to the Griffins so he can be a better straight guy.

  • I don't like Brian.

    He deserved to die. He wasn't even funny. Vinny is like totally tubular. I am the genius. A 2 year old got laid yesterday and got married. Give me a song. You suck. I ate your mom. I ate p[izza for rainbows. Peniseni sucks. Well...... That was my debate SO EAT IT.

  • Killing off a character provides a deeper connection to the story.

    For as long as Family Guy has been around, it's no question that we as viewers will have formed some sort of sentimental connection to the characters that have been either annoying the piss out of us or making us laugh for years. Killing Brian off in such an abrupt, regular way was honestly touching (or funny) to the audience in general.

    That having been said, their mistake lies in immediately replacing Brian. Now it looks less as if he was killed off to provide story and more like he was killed off to be replaced.

  • They are a T.V show, and they need to have drama.

    Killing off a major character is a freedom the program has. If they had killed off someone like Peter, it might be a little different though. Peter is the face of Family Guy and Brian was more of a main character who was off to the side. He was the perfect character to kill off and create drama. Also, they wanted to start this controversy, so that it would have people talking, Family Guy fans and even people who weren't. So I say they should have. It was a bold move on their part, and it did exactly what they wanted it to do.

  • Something fresh is needed

    - I haven't seen the latest episodes of Family Guy. I watched from season 1 all the way to season 11 and then I was officially done with Family Guy. The jokes were the same, the characters were the same, the formula was very much the same. They'd recycle a lot of plot ideas -- I just felt the whole show was pretty stale.

    Brian was a decent character through the whole series. He was dry as all hell, but he managed to balance out the craziness of the other characters.

    If Family Guy is to be revived, in my opinion, something fresh is needed. Some new characters, new location even? Who knows.

  • Pathetic Contradicting Plot Hole.

    Brian was poorly written. That's all there is to it. His character was cliché for a starter. An alcoholic who was also an Atheist? His hippy 'philosophy'? Let's talk about him being an Atheist. He has met Jesus three times. THREE times. And is he still an Atheist? Yep.

    Also, how can you say that Brian was the best character? He loved Peter's wife! He wanted to have sex with his best friend's - and owner's - wife! How disrespectful is that!

    I'm glad he is dead. I am not glad about the R.I.P pages.

  • It's Not Permanent

    I'm pretty sure it was just an attempt to stir up controversy and bring in more viewers. This season will feature episodes called "Brian's a Bad Father" and "Brian the Closer". My prediction is he'll be back in another later episode known as "3 Acts of God" or the Christmas episode where Stewie will "devise a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas".

  • Brian was the beginning of the end

    Seth McFarland has said that he thinks family guy should be cancelled and that the life of a TV show is about 7 seasons. He has also become quite bored with family guy which has come to be apparent in his script writing. By killing Brian he signaled the beginning of the end of family guy which will end in its ultimate cancellation so that Seth McFarland can move onto other projects. I bet american dad will be cancelled next

  • Poor Excuse for a Philospher

    Brian was a complete imbecile. His whole character was represented on Family Guy as some sort of genius who had great insights yet the imbeciles around him couldn't appreciate. Yet the fact of the matter is he was no more intelligent or sophisticated than anyone around him. The only difference being that whenever he gave one of his sycophantic humanistic speels, the Family Guy producers put uplifting music behind his words to give his words an aura of honor and prestige that was completely undeserved. Good riddance to such a narcissistic and ridiculous character.

  • No! This is horrible!

    Brian was a great character! He always had a relationship or story with someone. Now they have Vinny! Vinny is nowhere NEAR as good as Brian! At first I thought Stewie would bring him back to life or something! I said, "They can't kill Brian...." This is an end to Brian's life.

  • They killed the best Family Guy Character!

    Brian was the best family guy character who should go down as one of the best cartoon dog characters of all time. If Family Guy wanted to gain more viewers, they did the opposite. He was the best liberal dog ever. The thing I don't understand is that many Family Guy character's have "died" numerous times, but have come back to life i.E. Lois, Meg. I don't see why they can make Brian miraculously come back to life too.

  • They Should have Killed Meg.

    Brian was a loving family member of the Griffins. He was sort of the middle man who made connections with everyone in the family. But Meg on the other hand...Did anyone really even like her? Yes, you could argue that some people did like her but the majority of the fan base would've rather seen Meg go rather than the loving character Brian. Who knows though maybe he is really not dead.

  • More characters don't mean the death of others

    Yes, more characters would be good, but can't they have Brian with Vinny? I bet it would be more interesting to see the two together. Looking through the perspective of the characters, Stewie would have more fun time, there would be more "intellectual" jokes and so much more. Like they say, twice the fun, not kill the fun then try to build it up again...

  • No Brian means No Family Guy is better.

    He was a big part of Family Guy, and many fans were dependent on this character. Putting him away permanently means for them, they will stic to the past and not continue with the show, which would heavily shake up the industry. Do not take the risk; even though the reception of his death may seem a bit mixed, you NEED to put him back by next season.

  • He should not have.

    It seems rather counter-intuitive of FOX and Seth Macfarlane to of killed of Brian. I personally feel that Brian had a lot of traction with regard to the viewers and many other characters could have taken his place, which we as the viewer do not care so much about. This is the case when looking at how characters such as Joe, or Quagmire could have been killed of without to much of a controversy developing.

  • That was a terrible idea

    First of all there were plenty of episodes that revolved mainly around brain. It'll be kind of awkward to show them now. I heard the reason Seth did this was because he needed Stewie to interact with a dog with a different personality. But He could have just made Brian have a near death experiance and changed his general personality. Still if family guy keeps going for five more seasons and they get new veiwers, they're goning to see episodes with Vinny and other Episodes with Brian, and they'll be confused.

  • Oh, Come On!

    Brian Griffin was one of the best characters on Family Guy. He always led Stewie to do dumbass*d things, Peter to fail, and made episodes of his wannabe relationship with Lois. It seemed like a desperate move to kill Brian in hopes of finding a new character to replace him. Brian was valuable to Family Guy, and they may have just lost a few viewers. If anything, kill Adam West or something, not one of the original family guy characters!

  • Just for ratings?

    I have no proof but I'm thinking they did it just for ratings. The Italian dog character doesn't work for me in the slightest. I could be wrong, but even though they who has gone past the 7 year life span of an average show, killing off core characters is silly. Brian will be back!

  • Honestly quite rediculous

    It's no surprise that Family Guy's ratings and popularity has been slipping for a long time now. As the show went on,the characters,stories,jokes- basically the show as a whole got a lot more despicable and grotesque compared to the first three seasons. It would be one thing if it quietly got cancelled and even the cast and crew acknowledged it wasn't good work. However,they decided to make a bold move and usher Family Guy back into the spotlight by killing off a major character who despite is getting flac for his political opinions constantly being thrown in the faces of the audience,used to and still is the glue of the show to an extent. Thousands of people were guilt tripped into wanting him back even if they didn't even want to watch FG around anymore. FOR THE RATINGS!!! In all honesty,I think Seth Mcfalane is starting to hate his own creation as he has hinted at it. It would be one thing if Brian were a deplorable character from the start yet that is not the case. Brian used to be a good character who didn't chase women and just held the Griffins to responsibility. Yes,his characterization now is just not good,but all the character personalities are warped.Now if Vinnie were to take on Brian's current personality and have it to this very day,he would look the most innocent. In short,Brian didn't deserve to be hit by a car because FOX needed better ratings.Maybe if it was a permanent change for a few months worth of episodes and the writers wanted to roll with something new,it would be tolerable. But this...Was just out of control.

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Linkish1O2 says2013-12-06T10:12:27.823
None of you notice that they have killed brian in previous shows, so the fact that this is an opnion suprises me, and I know he will be back in the next episode.