• Not my fault my cousin twice-removed is Ryan Gosling.

    Zeno here again,

    So don't worry Ryan Gosling is not related to me :D

    But I do believe that family members of celebrities should have the right to privacy, if they want to enjoy their privacy. What can they do if their famous relative decides to get involved in a scandal? You can't just go flash pictures on their family members, and ask what they think about this blah blah blah. Or send them e-mails about what you think about blah blah or that's right blah.

  • Did They Ask to Be Related to a Star?

    No one wakes up and says, "Some day I want to be a celebrity's brother." That isn't how it works. People who have a measure of celebrity usually make an effort to gain that notoriety. As a culture, we have become too obsessed with celebrities as it is. Can we just say "enough?"

  • Yes, we all need a right to privacy.

    Family members of famous people have a right to privacy just like any other person. The media needs to leave folks alone and not subject them to unwanted attention. The media are too nosy in poking into business of people. Privacy is very important to people and should not be subject to problems.

  • Immediate family and important other members but not all.

    Family members of famous people should have privacy if they are immediate family and other important family members. There is no need to protect third cousin once removed that has never even met the famous person. The real question is, who is supposed to foot the bill for Oprah's mother to have this special protection?

  • Privacy of Famous People's Family Should Be Considered to an Extent

    The privacy of famous people's family members should be considered. The famous person made a decision when taking on their career which involved their own privacy. As for the members of their family, many times their thoughts and ideas on the matter were not considered and for that matter many times they were not asked of their opinion. For this reason, those who did not have input into the matter should have their privacy protected.

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