Should family planning be taught as a course in American high schools?

  • Education is key

    Studies have proven time and time again that abstinence-only sex ed doesn't work. Ignoring a problem won't just make it go away. If high schoolers can be taught responsible and healthy behaviors so they can make informed decisions, it will go a long way toward solving issues like teen pregnancy.

  • It would be useful

    Family planning would be incredibly useful as an American high school course, especially with proper knowledge and teaching of contraception. Family planning, while not ideally needed in teenagers, is still incredibly practical, something that is far more beneficial for society and for all people as a whole, far more than idealism.

  • All Forms of Sex Ed Should be Taught

    All forms and concepts of sex education should be taught in American high schools including abstinence, contraception, birth control, abortion, oral pleasure, STDs, lovemaking, pregnancy, orgasms, physiology and even family planning. I'm not saying we should watch porn in high school. However, students should be open and honest about all forms of sex with regards to sex education and what happens when two people have intercourse that can produce a baby.

  • We have far too many divorces and teen pregnancies

    Divorce and teen pregnancies are rampant in certain parts of this country. Family planning being taught in high school not only might help people understand just how difficult families can be to care for, but they might also help people have a greater grasp of the different varieties of families and options for contraception out there.

  • Family planning should not be taught as a course in American high schools.

    Family planning should not be taught in American high schools because it is inappropriate. Students need to learn things that will help them to find a job in the future, not things like family planning. They are simply too young to be dealing with such adult issues involving love and sex.

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