• Yes, they have right like others

    Artists deserve to have retirement. They play a crucial role in society. Young people can choose them as a role model that create an atmosphere in which hidden talents can flourish. They are like natural source for their country and today countries around the globe are phenomenon by their notable musicians, painters, singers. So they should have financial support for the time that they can not work and look for peace and rest.

  • Yes, famous artists should retire

    No one should be required or expected to continue their "trade" for their entire life. Each can and should have the option to retire at their leisure. The indefinable aspect of this debate question is also "what is art"? Are we including singing, acting, other performing arts? Many are dependent upon the health and deteriorating ability of the artist, which may necessitate their retirement.

  • Yes, Famous Artists Should Retire

    Famous artists are just like everyone else, and they should have the same rights as everyone else. The only difference between a famous artist and the average, every day person is the fact that the famous artist is...famous. If a famous artists is ready to retire, he or she should be able to do so and not feel guilty about leaving the world of work behind. Everyone deserves to rest in his/her own way.

  • Of Course

    Every career deserves a chance to retire. If you do not have this chance you will live your entire life not knowing when your work is going to finish. You will never have a peaceful end of your life. All the elderly need to settle down and if they do not get that chance they will always be under unnecessary pressure.

  • While an artist should obviously have the right to retire, I don't think they ever truly do.

    Just as the anonymous user before me said, "art" and "life" are usually synonymous to an artist. Even if they stop creating physical artwork, they never truly retire from the artistic mindset. They are always creating. They are always dreaming. They are always thinking...And that's what makes them artists. They don't stop being artists until the moment they die, which is both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

  • An artist sees his work as life. If they retire, they die.

    All artists I have ever known, and that is quite a few, seem to have the mentality that their work is their life and their life is their art. If an artist retires, in their mind, they essentially are giving up on life. It is one in the same. The spectacle of fame does not play a role in the issue, all it did was provide revenue to continue to "live", that is create their art.

  • An Artist Doesn't Have To Retire

    I do not think that a famous artist has to retire. They can keep working on their craft until the day they leave this earth. Even if they aren't putting out a lot of material like they did in their prime, they still do not have to officially hang it up. People with common sense should be able to tell if they are done doing what they're known for. An official announcement is unnecessary.

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