Should famous people share their privacy in public?

  • Yes, famous people have a certain duty to share their privacy

    The ordinary person looks to celebrities to share their privacy as a type of escape.They like to see that celebrities may share some of the same problems as they do or may have all their problems solved to the point that they are more than willing to share their lives with the public.

  • Celebrities shouldn't share their private lives

    They are just normal people. How would you feel if your private life was put in a magazine? Even if the celebrities want that, it should still be kept to themselves. It is their life to keep to themselves.
    Some celebrities don't want their personal lives put out in public. Though, people still share that with public. That needs to stop.
    To conclude, celebrities personal lives should be kept to themselves.

  • Its there lives and we don't need to know about it.

    There just normal people like us. Well sure we want to here about it but what if they don't want it to be shared but they dot want to upset anyone that wants to know. I'm just saying that not every celebrities wants there life and there personal moments shared in magazines or the online even television.

  • This is asinine. .

    Why should anyone who doesn't want their private life in the public eye, be forced to do such a thing. I understand paparazzi, but I still think that they are disgusting individuals. As long as the celebrity doesn't have a problem sharing the information, then I don't have a problem with the information being readily available to the public.

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