• Everyone Has Their Own Opinion

    In the realm of popular culture, there are many different fandoms. There are fandoms for Star Wars, fandoms for Harry Potter, and even fandoms for My Little Pony. Although they may have their differences, each individual fan has their own opinions; what they do or do not like. It all comes down to him or her. The Fandom Wars should never happen, for everyone has the right to have his or her own opinion.

  • They already do

    I myself am a SuperWhoLockian! Fandoms get along great with one another and it should stay that way. No reason for anyone to dislike someone else because of what they chose to like. Coexisting with one another is part of what makes most fandoms so much fun! It's great when different people get together and share interests.

  • It would be nice...

    And of course most people would say "yes," most people wish not to be insulted and to be at peace.
    However, looking at this realistically shows how improbable that this view will become reality.
    If it did come to fruition, however, it would show that humanity at least has some tolerance hidden in it's sea of the opposite.

  • The coin's landed on the clean side.

    Why shouldn't they? Take this for example. Ted is a huge fan of Harry Potter; he has read each book and seen each movie twice each. However, his friend Sally is a huge fan of Twilight. She has read each book and seen each movie twice each. Despite their differences and the fact that their fellow fandom members are practically at war, Ted and Sally are the best of friends! Can't this be the same with everyone else in fandoms? Peace, yo!

  • Absolutely. Why interfere with someone else's joy?

    I myself am a part of numerous fandoms, some of which are strongly opposed to each other, and yet my love for each is not diminished. Watching two loved fandoms fight is like watching two best friends fight - heartbreaking and useless.
    Instead, fandoms should live in harmony, and in fact, even encourage each other.

  • Yes, they should.

    I am a fervent whovian and a loyal sherlockian. Although I admit I may be quite defensive of my fandoms, I think we should all just get along sometimes. Life would be much easier. I have a dream that one all fiándome mayor coexist peacefully and forget our differences. From trekkies to browncoats to twihards to bronies and all others that I didn't mention here. May we all live like a big happy family and unite the world in our tolerance and love for others. FANDOMS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fandoms stick together

    Fandoms can have very different opinions on issues but should be able to look passed and coexist. Even though people are in different randoms, we are all very connected and can help each other. Fandom fighting is ridiculous and immature. Try to either support each other or avoid situations of multiple fandoms.

  • Ships and fandoms

    It's simply a matter of belief. If everyone could agree on the same thing, what would the point be? The reason we're having this debate, the reason fandoms war; we naturally have our own opinions and disagreements. Without this, could you imagine how generic everything would be?
    Have you ever tried to convince a friend about a ship of yours? Perhaps they understood you, but that doesn't mean they have to had agreed absolutely.

  • Simply Impossible and unrealistic

    I'm not even being half as biased as I'd like to be; it simply will never happen because humans are not built for 'peace'. People cannot live without disagreement because everyone has their own opinions, and sometimes we want to express their thoughts.
    I think war between fandoms actually brings good; people disagreeing only shows how deep their passion and belief in their fandoms go.
    Could you imagine the world being peaceful? It'll never happen. But that doesn't mean we're going to die right away.

  • 2pac said it best

    2pac Shakur said it best in his song "Never b peace"

    "Now of course I want peace on the streets, but realistically
    Painting perfect pictures ain't never worked, my misery
    Was so deep, couldn't sleep through all my pressures"

    Does this mean that 2pac is a war lover that want nothing but hate to be spread? No. Rap Genius explains the line like this

    "Like any sane person, Pac wants peace… but he knows that’s just going to be fantasy that will never happen in reality"

    Lets be real Pac has the right idea. Peace is something that we all want but isn't a reality. It is impossible because people will always hate something. It is human nature.

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