Should Far right and Far left extremists be genocided?

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  • No wtf are we coming to?

    Yes extremism is bad but then you’re going to answer with even more extremism? How will this bring anyone together if we just jail anyone for saying something rude or hateful or abolish the 1st amendment, And how will we even figure out who’s even truly on the extreme left or right? Some people always get labeled extreme right just because they don’t support BLM riots or defunding the entire police force. And the left gets written off as extreme left wing communist when they advocate for socialism (while I don’t agree with the ideology). They still try to have good intentions For the most part. Or even better example gun control they always get written off as “they want to ban all the guns”. Your solution is just to genocide if not just jail them all including possibly thousands of innocent people?
    Real productive!
    What if we jailed you because you were an extreme centrist libertarian who hated both parties?

  • Jail is a better option

    I would not genocide the extremist parties. I would jail them up and make them watch us repair everything they destroyed. That is what I would do at least but opinions vary these days and I understand that but seriously, Some of these extremists are more annoying than scary and they should be locked away with Jamal and the other spammers in town.

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