• New Zealand did, and their farming improved.

    As i note in my headline, New Zealand gutted all agricultural subsidies and found that farming production had improved. Prices had gone down on crops as well. The subsidies are out of control, and any minimal amount of subsidies you put in will be mismanaged. If you own a house that zoned as farming land, you can get mooch the government for more money. You also pick winners and losers, as some foods are not eligible for subsidies and some are. Yes there are huge megafarms that really consume a vast amount of resources. And if farmers are struggling there is such a thing as crop insurance.

  • Farm subsidies should not be repealed.

    Think about it, should farmers get less money to produce food for us. Sure, farmers might get a good sum of money but they can use the money they get from the government to buy more land to use for farming and to buy more tools. So tell me . . .

  • Not for all farms

    Some farms truly need those subsidies but others abuse the "generosity" of the government/tax payers and accept subsidies they don't need. Kind of like some families actually need welfare while others just mooch off the government and tax payers for a living. Some rule changes need to be made for sure.

  • A good thing

    No, I do not think that farm subsidies should be repealed. They are a very good thing that is in place to help out farmers, who are the back bone of this country and feed us all the vegetables that we eat, so we need to keep these in place.

  • Farm subsidies should never be repealed

    Farm subsidies should never be repealed because many farmers are struggling today to keep their family tradition and farms going. More and more people are moving into bigger cities, and farmers need the incentive subsidies to encourage them to keep farming. Farming is a big business in our nation and everything needs to be done to help farmers sustain their business, which will strengthen our economy a lot.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I think farm subsidies need to be increased, but the focus needs to be elsehwere. Most farm subsidies are given to farmers who agree to abandon their crops and start growing a lot of corn. The opposite should happen. We should have farm subsidies for fruit and vegetable and organic animal farmers.

  • Some farm subsidies should be repealed.

    The big farm subsidies should probably be repealed. The subsidy that supports the production of high fructose corn syrup is a waste of money and promotes bad health. Ethanol is another product that has not proven to be cost effective, a good resource as a fuel additive, or generally effective on any level. Yet there is still a subsidy for it. Instead of paying people to grow things we do not need, just to line monsanto's pockets, why don't we use that money to create markets for the products that farmers grow instead.

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