Should Fast Food Advertisement Must Be Banned?

Asked by: Taewan
  • Nothing that happens in this country exists in a vacuum

    Basically not only do I believe that the advertising of fast food should cease, but the entire market place for fast food should be dismantled. The thing about fast food is that it is cheap food, which means it is the food that is the most readily available to the economically challenged. This is why there is a positive relationship between health and income level. The point is, if we removed the presence and influence of the fast food industry altogether, the entire country would benefit.

  • Junk should be banned

    It should be banned because if people see the advert it will make people want to eat it because it looks tasty to them and if children see it they will keep on nagging on to their parents to get it. Plus it will introduce people into unhealthy eating too.

  • Freedom of speech ought to have limits.

    If the result of censorship will ultimately be beneficial to society, we should censor. Fast food advertising is actually one of the biggest causes behind children getting hooked to fast food. McDonald's and the like have indoctrinated children into thinking that fries and hamburgers are tasty. The majority of the time parents take their kids to McDonald's, it's because of the childrens' nagging, which in turn is due to the advertising they see every day.

  • Freedom of Speech

    All businesses and people have the right to advertise their products, regardless of what it is as long as it is not contraband or otherwise illegal. If fast food should be banned because of possible obesity, then cigarettes advertisements should be banned for causing cancer, gun advertisements should be banned for causing violence, etc. It's a misguided idea and goes against most nations constitutions and declarations of rights in its very core.

  • Must Not Be Banned

    Because businesses have the right to advertise, fast food advertising is a vital role to income, disabled people and kids sport, it's freedom of speech and it let people make up their own minds. It has a lot of article to support, for example;

    It not should be banned. Because self-regulation is working: "If advertising caused obesity, why have obesity rates increased while television advertising has dropped significantly?" asks a Council for Better Businesses statement, as quoted by Health News. Our industry group launched a voluntary initiative in 2006, and since then, the mix of ads on children's programs has substantially improved. Many ads are for healthy foods like milk, juice, and vegetables. There isn't any substantial evidence to merit a ban, and we should just keep doing what we're doing. It's working.

  • No, I think it's crazy

    I don't see what banning fast food advertisements is going to do. People are still going to go out of their way to eat fast food. Can't stop everyone. Secondly, you hear about fast food everywhere!! It's not just TV, but other social medial like billboards, radio, Facebook, etc.
    If people choose to eat fast food, it's their decision.

  • Why on earth?

    First of all, banning them would just take tons of time for nothing! There's no reason for them to be banned. Second, have you ever heard of freedom of speech?! We should be able to say what we want, when we want! Third, why would you waste the time banning this when you could be banning something important.

  • What's the problem?

    First of all, banning them would be against freedom of speech. Secondly, I don't see the issue with it being advertised. If someone gets fat from fast food, that's their own fault for stuffing their faces and not eating in consideration. Blaming the company for advertising the food because someone became morbidly obese is like blaming a gun manufacturer for making weapons because someone got shot with one of their guns.

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