• People should have the option to choose what they eat.

    It is not the responsibility of society to police people to the point of removing their freedom to consume the products they consume, whether or not those products may be a direct or indirect cause of obesity or other health related problems. The United States touts itself on being a country of freedom and if we begin policing such tedious aspect of people's lives as what types of food they may consume, what is next?

  • Yes, fast food is an individual choice.

    Fast food should be allowed because it is an individual choice and modern demands make it difficult to cook dinner every night of the week. That said, there should be laws to curtail the amount of fat and calories in fast food to make meals healthier for the public in general.

  • Yes, people can make their own decisions

    Fast food is not bad for you in moderation. However, if a person chooses to eat it every day and be unhealthy, that is their choice. Fast food should have a label telling the consumer that it is unhealthy, but it should be up to the consumer whether to eat it or not.

  • People are free to make their own choices when it comes to food.

    Although fast food is, for the most part, extremely unhealthy for us, people have the right to choose what to put into their bodies. Given that alcohol and cigarettes are legal in society, it does not make sense that fast food, something which is less toxic overall, should be banned.

  • Because Im a devils advocate

    Fast food is a no no... Dont eat fast food... Unless its taco bell. Taco bell has the best drinks ever! Their starbust freeze is my all time favorite! I would be over the moon if I got a lifetime supply of the stuff. :3 The end, I changed the percent hehe

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