Should fast food be available in schools for lunch?

  • Yes, lunch is crap.

    So stupid. There food isn't even that good. Like someone above mentioned^^ we need energy. Also where does the food go, let's see half the kids just play with their food, leave behind what they don't want, and I see a lot of trashed lunches that are bearly eaten. We are students not prisoners. They should either have fast food or simply better foods like greecy chicken strips. If it's about us getting fat, don't worry teens have a natural metabolism and if we simply have better food it would save us the time and money of going out for open campus lunch. Going out for open campus is expensive.

  • Yeah it should cause they get hungry

    Yes because they can eat whatever they want because if we don't eat that kind of food they will eat each other so that's why my opinion anyways this is a free country we eat what ever we want to and if not we got each other dogs ok but don't eat the animals cause they are animals ok

  • What are the disadvantages?

    School-provided lunches are already unhealthier than fast food, so may as well give something that the students enjoy. And the government does not have the constitutional authority to dictate what its citizens consume; the parents should take responsibility for their children's diets. Fast food is never harmful eaten in moderation.

  • Fast Food For School

    You are all dumb, we should have fast food for lunch. Once kids start getting smart and realize it costs less money... We save. And it doesn't even have to be bad food, you can get the apples from McDonald's. What if you're out of lunch money and you tell your mom to go get a one dollar chicken sandwich from BK, now nothing is a problem. Fast food is a easy to eat a quick and easy meal, the only reason they started complaining isn't about obiesity, it's because the lunch ladies complained for their low salary because people started bringing that stuff in, fast food is a better way to satisfy more people and keep them happy.

  • Yes we should have fast food

    We dont care if we get big we need energy for our school work thats why there is kids sleeping during class cuse there is no good food and not enough energy we need way more energy some kids have gym or a sport after school and it will be tiring

  • Wave ur hands in the air 4 fast food at lunch!!

    Yes they should because kids like what they like and don't like they should be able to eat what they want. For example: I'm 10 years old, and when they serve food i don't like, then i just go hungry. Then i don't eat anything for lunch. So i wait till i get home and eat. I hate when that happens, and everybody likes fast food. So this is why i think we should have fast food for lunch.

  • Yes,fast food should be available in schools for lunch

    The choice of fast food in schools would be good for both the schools and students.Schools can generate some much needed extra revenue and students can learn to make food choices that are similar to the outside world where all kinds of choices of food including fast food is available on a regular basis.

  • No fast food should not to allowed for lunches.

    Children already have a hard enough time receiving nutrient meals at home, and school is usually the place that they can actually receive a state mandated healthy meal. By allowing fast food to be served at schools for lunch you increase the child's risk of unhealthy eating habits and the chance to become obese at some point in their school life.

  • The World Is Screwed

    I don't believe in fast food being served just because it's cheaper than real foods. I want my kid eating real food, not trash. I'm amazed by how people are even comparing this with a free America. Americans suffer from all kinds of diseases based on how bad we choose to eat. Can't we just keep them healthy a little bit longer, so that they can to be better than us?

  • No, kids should not have fast food choices everyday at lunch.

    Kids should not have the choice of fast food because they would choice it over the important stuff from the food pyramid. I believe kids should have healthier choices rather than fast food. Kids need to get in their protein, greens, dairy, and grains. Kids also can get that stuff at home if their parents allow it. Going out for lunch for fast food should be a present for them, not just everyday knowing that you are going to get fast food whether you are going out with a parent/guardian or staying and having the school's lunch.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I think that people should be able to choose to eat what they want, but a school is a learning institution. We shouldn't be presenting these options to students like they are healthy and won't hurt them. Putting them in a school is almost like condoning them. I think the school should offer healthy options.

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