• Freedom was designed with PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in mind.

    Our founding fathers did not intend for the government to control every aspect of our lives. In fact it was just the opposite, they understood that to be TRULY FREE people needed to take responsibility for their own lives and well being. There is just as much wrong with fruit as fast food, and that is, too much of either will kill you. It is not up to ANY government to decide how people live, although there are governments in this world that DO do that, this is not one of them, in fact is was founded to get out of that fascist state, and sadly and slowly we are headed right back to where we were over 237 years ago, where someone far away will control how we live.

  • Right to Freedom

    People can eat whatever they want. It is the job of the government to make people aware of the demerits of eating fast food, but they can do nothing more than that. Unlike smoking, there is no collateral damage and a person who does not want to get harmed will not.

  • We're not fascists.

    What sort of ridiculously tyrannical state would we live in if the government decided what we can eat and drink? We have the right to eat what we want, drink what we want, smoke if we want, and many other things deemed "bad for you", because these things are only "bad for you" in certain quantities. There is nothing wrong with indulgences in moderation.

  • There are people dying of obesity in america

    In america, people are dying of obesity. If we make fast food illegal, people could get healthy food that would make great difference in people's lives. So this means that they can get healthy, and improve on various things such as academics, sports, and live longer. Remember, it is the government's job for this.

  • Fast food is a tragedy

    Fast food was not found in the environment of our ancestors. It's a tragedy to the environment as well as to children all across the world. Obesity is rampant and ridiculous. It's not healthy for anyone and should be outlawed, as regulation has proven to be inefficient and full of thick gooey red tape.

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