Should fast food be sold more expensively to curb obesity?

  • Yes, make them pay.

    If we increase the price of fast food, than it will be more difficult for an obese fatty to maintain their high weight. Which is of course, a good thing, for both the obese people, and the fast food company in question. Come on guys, we gotta save the whales!

  • Fast food should be sold expensive to curb obesity

    I think it should because a lot of people are wasting their money and bodies on food that's not worth it they should not be lazy and cook their own healthy foods. Obesity isn't ok it's bad I'm not trying to be mean or anything but obese people need to open their eyes when they look in the mirror because its not a pretty look to be obese eat healthier.

  • Try Other Menu Choices

    Instead of increasing prices to curb obesity, Americans simply have to use better judgment and make better choices to eat healthier. In the Internet age, there are tons of articles, websites and advice for getting the proper nutrition from our diets on a daily basis. There are healthier choices on fast food menus such as salads and fruits. Try those instead of the heavy-hitting hamburgers or grease pit fries if obesity is an issue.

  • Increasing fast food prices won't force the poor to eat healthy

    Fast food meals aren't cheap and widely consumed because of a conspiracy by large corporations; they're cheap because the ingredients are cheap and they're widely consumed because they're appealing to large groups of people. Its naive to think people would eat healthier simply because certain foods aren't available - equally (or more) unhealthy alternatives can easily pop up to fill the void, or, as is the more likely scenario, the poor's budget will be taken up more by food, effectively turning the fast food price increase into a tax on them.

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