Should Fast food chains and other junk food be banned from school cafeterias? The sentence is correctly reworded.

  • Yes, they should be banned

    I think that kids will be overweight if the schools start to serve fast food options and junk food. They need to learn how to eat healthy. I, as a kid, think it is important for us to eat good food. We need our energy for the day and the schools aren't helping us.

  • It should be allowed!

    I think that fast food should be allowed in schools lunches because kids don't want the same thing every week. I can assure you that kids would rather have fast foods at lunch than whatever the lunch ladies make. I get that the lunch system wants kids to try to eat healthy but it is just not working for us. If they switch to fast foods then they will have an increased amount of money.

  • It is unhealthy

    No junk food should be at school because it can cause fatness and illness. Over 3,000 people have died each year because of junk food and smoking. I know a girl and boy who were very fat and had to go to the hospital because of illness from eating too much junk food and having improper nutrition.

  • Fast foods fail students.

    Eating lots of sugary food makes students less able to pay attention in class or perform well on tests.
    • Parents should monitor a child’s diet, but while a student is away from their parents, the school must function as a parent and do what is best for the students. While the parents cannot be there to oversee a student’s meals, a school should make sure those meals do not include junk food.
    • Schools should set a good example of nutritious eating for students. This would fit in well with nutrition curriculum in health classes.

  • It should be banned

    These days, people need their food quick. Many families have both parents working, so burgers and chips are very good alternatives for those who are in a rush. But these things come in many varieties.We shouldn''t get carried away and just ban burgers. Everything that just tastes good is bad for health, because such things will either be made with ''ghee'' (clarified butter), which is very unlikely, or with trans fats sourced from vegetables. So, whatever contains trans fats is unhealthy, regardless of whether it is commercial or not

  • Some reasons why fast food is served in school is because schools make more money with brand-name foods than regular school lunchs

    Those choices don’t exactly encourage healthy eating habits, as they reinforce children’s taste for fast food. Cafeteria directors say they need the brand-name meals to keep their programs running. And when brand-name items appear on the menu, “The kids will line up a mile long,” said Amy Hedrick, the food service supervisor in the Scotts Valley Unified School District in California.

  • These foods are detrimental to students health and behaviour

    The chemicals from fast foods will negatively affect most students concentration, learning ability and behaviour. They also promote poor un healthy habits, which when introduced so young often last a lifetime.

  • Fast food chains in schools is more than just about the food served.

    Fast food in schools is in part about profit for the companies on course. The cash cow and true motives of targeting the youth, specifically in schools, is a matter of Branding. Branding is how a company generates client base, and therefore generate profits.
    In a school setting the concerns in the cafeteria should be about health and nutrition education. In no means should a company be able to buy marketing space in a school cafeteria to target potential future consumers. Cafeterias should be crafting lunches that fill students stomachs in a healthy manner, balanced, nutrition minded, and lead by example toward healthy biological necessity. Narrowing a child's idea of were food comes from and what it is, is an insult to the educational institution. Critical thinking, knowledge and good decision making is a lesson waiting to be learned through a cafeteria experience. A health mind starts with a healthy body. Branding can be a dangerous practice that can corrupt judgment making. It should be seriously reconsidered and in special circumstances possibly shunned in school setting. Fast foods is a particularly dangerous due to its potential health affects.

  • Yes I do

    I think it should because some people dont have any money and it wouldn't be fair. And this can also be a problem because people can get bullied lik if they dont have money that people can make fron of them this is why i am against having fast food in schools

  • Yes It is good

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  • Fast food chains should be allowed provided they only provide reasonably healthy foods to students.

    Since childhood obesity is a problem in the world, fast food chains should not be allowed to serve extremely high calorie and high fat foods in cafeterias with low nutritional value. They should however be allowed to serve food in school cafeterias, provided the food served meets a certain caloric and nutritional standard.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • Cafeteria Supply at High Schools.

    It interferes with the free market. These foods are in supply because there is demand for them. Messing with the market economy should be kept to a minimum. There is not just junk foods in the cafeterias, there are varieties of healthy foods. They choose not to have them even though the option is there. Also junk food is part of a balanced diet, so we need it for our daily lifestyles.

  • Fast food is good for your health.

    Kids should eat fast food every day in every class at every time they can. Fast food is really good for a kid's health. It contains a lot of good things in it. Hamburger and cheeseburgers are way too good for your health! Eat them as much as you can, you will maybe get fat.

  • No, it should not be banned!

    We decide what we eat and consume! If anything happens to us, then it is our fault, not the worlds! People can not have control over what we consume, as it is our own choice! Also junk food is part of a balanced diet, so we need it for our daily lifestyles!!

  • It's not the responsibility of schools.

    Parents are responsible for teaching and showing their children what should and what shouldn't be eaten. Not the teachers. Also, schools are not the only places where you can buy junk food. And if the government starts assuming some of a parent's responsibility, this could lead to more government restrictions and censorship in schools.

  • Some fast food is healthy.

    Some items at Subway are healthy. A veggie sandwich has veggies such as lettuce, pickles and so much more. Subway also serves sports drinks. You do not have to get pop. Subway also have lots of healthy lunch meat. It does not have the grease and fat of other fast food places. Schools can serve healthy fast food choices.

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  • It should be

    It should be because its up to the children.Of what they want to eat that's there option. So I think they can choose themselves.It should only be 5th and up. Because there some what more response able
    Than kindergarteners. So it should be allowed to them. But that's what I think.

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Anonymous says2013-04-18T20:31:50.020
We shouldn't have Fast Food in school it effects not only the kids but all of America.
Anonymous says2013-04-18T20:38:07.897
I say that Fast Food isn't a good idea to have in schools we will have a bad future or not at all if we don't do something we will all be lazy chuncky and will end up having shorter live with all the Fast Food. Please just stop schools from feeding the students unhealthy food save us all.