Should fast food continue to be advertised to children?

  • Yes, its business.

    Business is business people who serve fast food need to make money and advertising is best to get some. Children overeating on fast food is not forced especially on advertisements. Ads don't say eat till your heart gives out. I would blame the parents for unhealthiness not the products. If a kid wanted a gun, would you give him some? If you think your kid is unhealthy from fast foods, would you give him some?

  • It is bad enough

    That children are not even educated in nutrition until high school, and not necessarily even then. It is worse that all they see on tv is crap about food that is crap. Children grow up believing that fast food is an example of food, that it's okay to eat fast food, and that it won't hurt them. This is a very big reason for why the heart is the number one killer in the US. The US is the fast food capitol of the world, and its citizens grow up being indoctrinated to love fast food, and as adults, even though they know by then how terrible it is, they still believe it is good for them, and then they die. And what's worse, the fast food plague is spreading to the rest of the world. If it must come, the least we can do is shield our children from it.

  • No its not good

    Kids really want to eat fast food well it should never be advertised to children because it makes you fatter and there were facts about other children getting heart diseases after eating fast food many times like this happens when its a childs first time eating fast food they are normal weight later they get addicted to it then it turns them into obese its very unhealthy

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