• We are becoming too reliant on easy food

    So many Americans wouldn't know how to feed themselves if a major food catastrophe ever happened. I'm not even talking about the hunting an gathering, that many would be adept at, but the simple ideas of cooking proper meals isn't as common as it used to be. Our access to amazing recipes and techniques has increased, but the quality of food that Americans are eating today is far inferior to that of Americans just a half century ago.

  • It Should be Stopped

    The fast food culture should be stopped for several reasons. First, the fast food culture preys on the poor because often this is the only kind of food the poor can afford to eat. Statistics show that a diet high in fast food can cause serious problems like hypertension and diabetes. Soon, the fast food culture will be the #1 killer in America.

  • Yes, for more reasons than I can count.

    There are so many negative changes that the access to fast food has made to our lifestyles and our health that they would difficult to list. Here's one: if you imagine how many fast food places are open across America right now, and how many cars are in the drive through window at any given time with their engines idling, then imagine all that car exhaust going into our atmosphere unnecessarily, then you can see one environmental impact that is being caused simply for the convenience of not walking into a restaurant. Fast food restaurants only exist for profit and do absolutely nothing except feed our own desire for convenience at any cost.

  • It Should Not Be Stopped

    Fast food culture should not be stopped. The fast food industry is a big part of our culture and makes billions of dollars every year. Yes, it is unhealthy for the most part, but nobody is forcing people to eat fast food and there are alternatives. The fast food culture should stay.

  • Not realistic

    I eat fast food maybe 5 times a year because I think it's garbage, but it's an option we really can't get rid of at this point. People rely on it to get some food in them in a pinch when they're hurry. It's sad how many people are clueless in a kitchen and rely on this trash as part of their daily intake, but it serves a purpose for those that don't abuse it.

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